Assad Wins Syrian Elections by a Landslide - International Observers Claim No Violations - Washington Balks


From a nation of Clean Election Results, with No Rigging, how dare the Washington Rig Masters meddle more.

The answer from Syria is clear. Get the F*** out of Syria and STOP arming Terrorists.

The U.S. government's reaction to the Syrian elections demonstrates their utter contempt for democracy.

SCG News
5 June 2014

 On June 3rd, the Syrian people went to the polls to choose a president. Voter turnout was very high (over 73% in spite of interference from the U.S. backed rebels). Bashar al-Assad won by a landslide, taking 88.7% of the vote, international observers reported no violations.

Washington and the corporate media have of course dismissed the outcome, demonstrating yet again that when they talk about spreading democracy, what they are really talking about is regime change. The only elections that count are the ones that put cooperative, western puppets in power. The Syrian people have made it clear that they aren't interested in becoming a vassal state like Afghanistan or Iraq.

In Ukraine, where the provisional government was actively bombing the east, and murdering protesters in Odessa, the U.S. gave their stamp of approval on the presidential elections. Ukraine's official voter turnout (63%), which was significantly lower than Syria's, and Poroshenko's share of that turnout was just 55%. By the numbers, the Syrian elections are far more credible, however the numbers don't matter for Washington (nor do human rights for that matter). Washington has doubled military aid to Kiev in spite of its ongoing shelling of residential centers in Lugansk and they have continued to arm and fund the Syrian rebels in spite of the fact that a U.N. investigation found that it was the rebels who were responsible for the sarin gas attacks in 2013.

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