Berlin drops Verizon over US spying fears

The world has set down a marker now on US IT and Software. Exclude them for life at all costs and haste.

They have lost the Global currency role. The energy markets are defecting. The latest Jet fighter overrun is a joke. It may reach $1 Trillion dollars of waste. 

Why not sack the supplies on failure one?

Financial Times
26 June 2014

Berlin has terminated a contract with Verizon over concerns about the security of its systems in the first sign of serious commercial repercussions in Europe from the Snowden revelations of mass US government spying on its allies.

The German interior ministry said the cancellation was linked to the “relationship between foreign intelligence agencies and companies” that the rogue National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden exposed last year. The revelation of surveillance by US government agencies, and the complicity of some US companies, provoked particular outrage in Germany.

Among the revelations, it emerged that Verizon was required by a court order to hand over information about telephone calls on its network to the NSA on an “ongoing, daily” basis. The order barred the company from publicly disclosing the existence of the request. The metadata collected by the NSA included the number calling, being called, and the location and length of the call.

Berlin said on Thursday it was reorganising its information and communication systems to provide an “increased level of security”.

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