Blue Eagle Alchemy Project

Interesting. This would change a few things.

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Pure Energy Systems
By Sterling D. Allan
12 June 2014

Blue Eagle Alchemy, with alchemist and Josef Tyles and CEO Martin Burger, a New Energy Congress advisor, takes waste material (e.g. ground up beer bottles) and create new precious elements. Burger says the process involves LENR. They are turning beer bottles into gold.

After writing that, Martin provided this correction:

Reviewed your blue eagle page and find it a bit misleading to say we turn beer bottle glass into gold. We use silica dioxide as an artificial barren seed ore crystalline Interferometry phase change step down for super light, creating the elemental bloom condition for the precious elements to be created.

John Milewski, who is a regular speaker at the TeslaTech conference has been involved in this project.

Thanks to Alan Smith of the U.K. for bringing this to our attention.

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