'Iraq chaos is Tony Blair’s legacy’: Intervention by ex-PM in 2003 destabilised the country and left it open to extremism, says Home Office minister

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The collapse of Iraq and the impending disaster was last night branded as 'Tony Blair's legacy' after the former Prime Minister, left, agreed to George W Bush's middle east war

  • Government 'rules out' new Iraqi campaign despite major Jihadist threat
  • Al Qaeda militants have seized large areas of northern Iraq
  • Norman Baker said Iraq was stable under Saddam 'in a vile sort of way'

Mail Online
By James Chapman
12 June 2014

The disaster unfolding in Iraq was branded ‘Tony Blair’s legacy’ last night as Britain ruled out military intervention.

Though Islamist extremists are threatening to seize Baghdad, Foreign Secretary William Hague said Britain was ‘not contemplating’ any form of action, and Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said there was no role for the alliance.

US President Barack Obama insisted his country had an interest in stopping jihadists taking control and said he was looking at ‘all options’, including drone strikes.

Iraq is facing a return to its darkest days after al Qaeda-linked militants seized a huge swathe of the Iraq’s northern region and vowed to press on to the capital.

The developments have reignited debate over the wisdom of the decision of Mr Blair and US President George W Bush to invade Iraq in 2003, at the cost of 179 British lives and at least £9 billion.

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