China Threatens To Wipe Out The U.S. | King World News interviews Paul Craig Roberts

What is to be expected from a ship of fools. We continue to warn the reality of this US Foreign Policy fiasco.

Somewhere a very serious STUPID Gene is getting interbred. Neither China nor Russia seeks War. Only ever America.

But as we keep saying, these arrogant Morons in DC will walk innocent Americans headlong into a mass full on attack.

China and Russia WILL combine and WILL totally erase the US as you know it. 

Deep underground they don't care.

Hundreds of millions of Americans WILL die. YOU for sure.

So just once, America needs to stop slobbing out on Reality TV Crap and get real! 

Ask - what if? Your first experience of war will be your last.

China does not warn lightly folks. Will it need the nukes to show its real? What if?

King World News - Blog
11 June 2014

Today former US Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, warned King World News that the Chinese have now threatened to wipe out the United States. Dr. Roberts also discussed how the threat unfolded and what precipitated it. Below is what Dr. Roberts had to say in this remarkable interview.

Dr. Roberts:
“Washington is putting these anti-ballistic missile bases on Russia’s border. They claim this is directed against Iranian ICBMs, but of course Iran doesn’t have any ICBMs. So the Russians know that the Americans are planning a nuclear first strike and are putting anti-ballistic missile systems in place to shoot down any retaliatory missiles....

“So the Russians are watching this act of madness on the part of the United States government, and the Chinese are also watching it. In fact, the Chinese have been so worried by American war plans against China that they released, two or three months ago, what they said was a demonstration of how the Chinese nuclear retaliatory force would wipe out the United States.

The Chinese said submarines off the California coast would wipe out everything from the Pacific to the Rockies. And the Chinese ICBMs going over the North Pole would take out everything from the Rockies to the east coast. Now why would China do that? It’s not their practice to be threatening. They avoid that as the Russians do. They don’t threaten people with military attack.”

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