Divide and Rule: US State Dept Plan to Split Iraq Along Sectarian Lines

A very rapid assessment of what is occurring. Dinarians?

21st Century Wire
By Andrew Mckillop
28 June 2014

The latest ‘ISIS Crisis” has once again flung the Middle East into a period of chaos and flux, but pay close attention to how the narrative is pushed down the timeline…

When you press the talk button, will that very special crowd of American commentators (always poised to launch a new MSM conspiracy theory) ever tell you that the US State Department and the Pentagon want the fall of Iraq’s el-Maliki regime?

The general rule of thumb is that Washington can never be friendly with a Middle East democracy or non-Monarchy for very long. Today, Washington says it “wants to work with the gov’t in Baghdad”, but fast forward down the road a month or two and the narrative will change to: “The Maliki gov’t is puppet gov’t of Tehran and must go”. They want to divide Iraq into Shia and Sunni camps engaged in constant sectarian warfare.

There are many side-bar conversations going on right now. The ‘conspiracy crowd’ (aka Alternative Media) – always reflecting credit on the devious all-knowing American elite that most of these commentators pretend to hate – are rushing to tell us that the ISIS onslaught in Iraq “was all planned by the State Department”. The reality may be more complex than this. There are multiple players, and many pieces in play: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Israel, US, UK,France, Russia et all - it’s Zbigniew Brzezinski’s the Grand Chessboard on Acid, and highly volatile.

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