Grand Geopolitical Project: Russia’s Gazprom signs Agreement to Abandon the Dollar

This is simple, the US has just lost the whole of Europe. Oh well, back to the day job.

But they can't because tens of millions no longer have one - because the Cabal and its Agencies have stolen the money, tanked the economy, given the keys to the Treasury and Fed to the Zionist Mafia, and has just been played of the board by Russia and China.

So now, apply to China for a day job, and hope they don't call all their Treasuries or truth will be so nasty for many. Nice job Zionist Mafia.

Submitted by Valdi.

Global Research
By Umberto Pascali
7 June 2014

“It’s only the tip of the iceberg. A grand geopolitical project is beginning to materialize…”

On June 6 2014, the official Russian news agency Itar Tass announced what many were expecting since at least the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis: Russian main energy company, Gazprom Neft has finally “signed agreements with its consumers” to switch from Dollars to Euros (as transition to the ruble) “for payments under contracts”.

The announcement that the agreement has been actually signed and not just discussed was made by Gazprom’s Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Dyukov.

Despite the pressures from Wall Street and its military, propaganda and political apparatus, 9 out of 10 consumers of Gazprom’s oil and gas agreed to pay in Euros. Of course, the big watershed was the Gazprom unprecedented 30-years $400Bl natural gas supply to China signed in Shanghai last May 21 in the presence of President Putin and President Xi Jinping in the middle of the Anglo-american sponsored violent destabilization of Ukraine. In fact it is improper to talk a dollar denominated $400Bl, because this “biggest deal” will not be using dollars but the Renminbi (or Yuan) and the Russian Ruble. It links China and Russia economically and strategically for three decades, de facto (and maybe later also de jure) creating an unshakable symbiotic alliance that necessarily will involve the military aspect.

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