If Ukraine tries to steal Europe-bound gas, Gazprom will develop alternative routes - Miller

Russia is ready to cut off Ukraine's Gas and bypass them into the EU. Winter will freeze them out.

No surprise here at all as you knew they would never agree to a deal, and quite possibly they will not agree to a arbitrated one either.

An underground gas storage facility is seen in the village of Mryn, 120 km (75 miles) north of Kiev. 
(Reuters / Gleb Garanich)

16 June 2014

Gazprom plans to use other pipelines to deliver natural gas to European markets, if Ukraine tries to intercept some of the 185 million cubic meters Russia sends through, Gazprom head Aleksey Miller said on Monday.

“In this case, we will increase deliveries through Yamal and northern pipelines,” Miller said. Another route to Europe that bypasses Ukraine is the South Stream, which will eventually deliver 64 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe.

“In December 2015, South Stream will deliver its first gas to Bulgaria,” Miller said.

Gazprom has long voiced concern over the risk of Ukraine as a gas transit zone, which is a reason they embarked on the projects Nord and South Stream, to cut out what Miller said is a 'moderate risk'.

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