In Bolivia, Ban to urge G77 to work together on anti-poverty, climate change

Let us hope Agenda 21 is declined and a more people and earth friendly discussions come out of this, rather than more government / corporate controls.

On another note, should President Evo Morales search every incoming diplomatic plane in case one of them is smuggling Snowden?

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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with President Evo Morales in El Torno Municipality, Bolivia. Photo: Evan Schneider/UN Photo

UN News Centre
14 June 2014

Addressing the bloc of developing countries known as the Group of 77 (G77) and China, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is today expected to urge world leaders to work together to reduce poverty and inequality, while balancing the needs of the environment and addressing climate change.

 Mr. Ban arrived yesterday in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz for the G77 Summit which over two days will gather heads of state and government representatives from more than 130 member countries under the theme, “New World Order for Living Well”.

“We need a strong partnership between the G77 and China and the rest of the UN Member States,” the UN chief told the press.

This year's summit comes amidst the 1,000 days of accelerated actions to reach the anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and as the international community is working on a post-2015 sustainable development agenda to replace them. Mr. Ban stressed that a new development agenda must be based on human-rights and the rule of law, and in line with the UN Charter.

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