Iraqi Air Force evacuating besieged U.S. contractors

200 men who chose to kill for money are now surrounded. Maybe there can be justice if they get a taste of what they ruthlessly do to others.

So typical, more Mercenaries will die for failed policy as expendables. Must be a great recruitment campaign for volunteers for other regions.

Evacuated American contractors aboard a C-130 aircraft in Baghdad Friday (WND photo)

No help from America's military as escape routes cut off

By JeromeR. Corsi
13 June 2014

NEW YORK – A U.S. contractor in Iraq told WND the Iraqi Air Force has begun evacuations from Balad Air Force Base, where 200 American contractors were trapped by the al-Qaida-inspired jihadists who have seized control of two cities and are now threatening Baghdad.

A contractor with Sallyport Global, who asked not to be named, told WND through a Skype instant message that he was transported from Balad to Baghdad and was communicating from a C-130 preparing to take off to Dubai.

He said 300 in total have been evacuated from Balad, about 60 miles north of Baghdad, and another 100 are still awaiting airlift. He said the Iraqi Air Force is trying to evacuate everyone by midnight local time.

WND previously reported Friday that private contractors who have recently returned to the U.S. from Iraq said their former colleagues effectively had been abandoned by the U.S. military and were fighting for their lives against an army of jihadists surrounding the base who belong to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

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