No wonder the Chinese want to pay homage to our great Queen

Some day you may learn what really happened at the handing over of Hong Kong at the end of the New Territories lease. I suspect the fact that someone more than honored the spirit and intent of the original agreements did not go unnoticed. And now we have the City becoming an international FOREX portal for renminbi, which is why Li Keqiang is in London.

Wonder who bought Bank of America's share in China Construction Bank? No one should be particularly surprised then to see CCB's UK subsidiary becoming the first UK clearing bank. Anyone care to bet that Lloyds will be second?

She is our USP

The Telegraph
By Cristina Odone
12 June 2014

Li Keqiang, China's Prime Minister, arrives in London next week on an official visit. Given the importance of Chinese-UK trade relations (we are talking $17.8 billion) this is a crucial event for British business – especially energy companies, banks, and even Manganese Bronze, who make London taxis. Their success in keeping the Chinese sweet depends on one person: the Queen.

All Li Keqiang wants to do while here is meet Her Majesty. Elizabeth II has become a pawn in a secret diplomatic game being played by the FO and the Chinese Government. That's one in the eye for the Republicans. While the rabid sans-culottes of Britain agitate against the Crown as an expensive anachronism, the most important nation of the future (and ironically one raised on Communist principles) reveres the monarchy.

Here is proof that, the world over, people love the royals. Not any royal, mind you: I don't see the Chinese queuing up to curtsey before the flashy Grimaldis of Monaco, or the cycling Margrethe II of Denmark. No, only the Windsors have that magical appeal that makes even the toughest dictator bend his knee.

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