Obama’s ProtoWar Against Russia and China

Obama's mad campaigns continue. A dysfunctional Wookie controlled by Bankers and Madmen. The stakes are high in a game run by a ship of fools and one mistake could lead to consequences not expected or retractable. Perhaps the money being spent might produce greater benefit focused in the pursuit of peace.

Fars News Agency
21 June 2014

TEHRAN - Russia and China are both under attack by a multi-pronged US-led ‘proto-war’ which could erupt into ‘hot war’ or even nuclear war. ‘Protowar’ or ‘proto-warfare’ is the term I have coined to describe the use of multiple methods intended to weaken, destabilize, and in the limit-case destroy a targeted government without the need to engage in direct military warfare.

Protowar methods include threats against the targeted country; economic sanctions; military encirclement around its borders. cyber-warfare, drone warfare, and use of proxy forces from within or from outside the country for political and/or military action against the local government.

US-led protowars also invariably include propaganda campaigns against the targeted governments. The media campaigns are waged by the five giant media conglomerates which now control 90% of the US media and which are directly linked to the US foreign-policy establishment through various means including corporate memberships in the Committee for Foreign Relations.

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