Only government could turn such an asset into a money loosing liability

Just why does the system allow such inept weasels as Washington to meddle in Commercial Gratification? Read Graft!

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Chart #1

Land & Livestock International, Inc.
4 June 2014

via the American Lands Council

In March 2013 the State Legislature of Nevada passed A.B. 227 which created the Nevada Land Management Task Force with one county commissioner from each Nevada county to “conduct a study addressing the transfer of public lands in Nevada.” Since then, the task force has been researching the feasibility of a transfer of land, the different methods by which it could be done, and the costs and benefits of such a transfer.

On April 24, 2014 the Task Force presented their Preliminary Draft Report and the numbers were staggering! Assuming that all BLM land within Nevada was transferred to the state, Nevada could expect a net revenue of $371,755,303 – $1,579,721,112 (as seen in Chart #1 above). That last number isn’t a typo: it is in fact over $1.5 BILLION! Just imagine what that kind of net revenue would do for local and national economies.

In contrast: Chart #2 (below) illustrates the revenue of the BLM from 2008-2012 (from the Task Force Preliminary Draft Report, 2014). After a quick look you will see that the net revenue for the BLM in Nevada is a LOSS of just over $31 million. Crazy.

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