Ordered Suppressed: “The Other Cold War”

Even when the truth is in their face no one wants to hear it.

Veterans Today
By Gordon Duff
9 June 2014

Material sources for this article are currently under a National Security Letter. Information within this article has been deemed restricted and every attempt was made to prevent publication of the information below.

Cold War heritage

As usual, the biggest story in America is suppression of news. There has never been a time when the media has taken such an aggressive position, not even after 9/11. It’s more than Ukraine or Syria.

The US has not only outraged Russia and China but other nations that were once afraid of the US are now ready to hit back. The simplest way to go after the US is to release classified intelligence showing the US as an aggressor nation or worse, a dupe, violent, dangerous and uncaring.

We forget what it was like, the carefully orchestrated orgy of hate after the nuclear demolition of the WTC and the missile attack on the Pentagon. This is one of many shameful moments in American history, where a nation abandoned common sense and backed a gang of traitors whose common purpose, all can see now, was and is the destruction of the United States and “her freedoms.”

We have, for the first time, national intelligence agencies leaking aging but high-value material. It is clear why. There is a real anger at the hypocrisy of the gang running the United States and divulging intelligence that Wikileaks and Snowden are unwilling or unable to deal with, particularly as they seem to be “joined at the hip” with the mainstream media, is a way of “stirring the pot.”

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