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16 June 2014

No one wants to say this, but in addition to American supplied weapons to start with initially, the pot keeps growing. And why most parties have told the US they are on their own with their spawn.

There are approximately 2300 Stinger missiles scattered in Iraq, and a safe assumption would be ISIS has a number of them. Should the US elect to send in air strikes against ISIS from the carrier battle group now in position to strike, the attacking aircraft are more than likely to get shot down with American made missiles! Thank you American taxpayers. The Stingers were left behind to protect the Iraqi government from various potential future air attacks, but by whom was never explained.

Media has reported Obama said the US won’t be sending ground troops into Iraq, so an aerial attack is the only military option. However, forget the media nonsense, the carrier battle group is not a viable threat but more of a show of force which the administration hopes will scare ISIS. Fat chance of that happening. Even a jackal cannot be controlled when he is hungry for more with a blood lust ability to take what he wants. Obama needs congressional approval to conduct air strikes, unless he simply issues an executive order, like so many times before.

What happens if Baghdad and the embassy gets encircled? See the dilemma. Who can forget the evacuation of the embassy in Vietnam, only this time those choppers may well be shot down as would their air cover. Fine mess we are watching evolve.

And who will believe those Stingers will now be secluded to just Iraq? ISIS is growing into a regional and perhaps a global threat which no one wants to finger as such and is a menace to many countries in the Middle East and beyond. Saudi Arabia and Qatar both have a hand in money supply as does the US. The Middle East has always been unsettled, only now it is more dangerous.

Cannot wait to see what Iran, China and Israel do as all three have more to lose in the short term than the US. But perhaps out of chaos will come a solution, maybe one not expected. In the meantime it distracts from the economic problems growing rapidly.

So way out of their depth as War Crimes come home to roost.

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