Pope Francis Overhauls Vatican Financial Watchdog

So, the Pope names 4 Catholics to oversee the Vatican Bank. What more can he do?

How about 4 Non Catholics to really get to the hidden dirt? Forget the PR. How about Truth?

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The Wall Street Journal
By Liam Moloney
5 June 2014

ROMEPope Francis took another step in his drive to clean up finances at the Holy See after years of scandals by naming international experts to the board of the Vatican's financial watchdog agency, replacing an all-Italian panel.

The Vatican said the pope, the first non-European pontiff in about 1,400 years, named the four experts to the board of the Financial Information Authority, or AIF, which is the regulator overseeing the Holy See's financial institutions. Their term lasts for five years.

The four new board members, which for the first time includes a woman, are from Italy, Singapore and the U.S., as well as Franco-German national.

They replaced an all-Italian board made up of five members that had been named by Pope Benedict XVI in 2011. The old board was associated with the financial establishment tied to Pope Francis' predecessor.

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