Possible Ukranian Nuke Terror Cell Arrested in Texas

Dangerous desperate people make strange bedfellows, often leaving an unpleasant taste. So let's get it exposed more. Face down the issues.

Veterans Today
By Gordon Duff
18 June 2014

Three Ukranian special forces affiliated with groups working in concert with the US embassy in Kiev were arrested in Texas after crossing over from Mexico. We watch with interest as the US government is expected to try to push this one under a rug.

The following are notes, some in public domain, some part of highly classified evaluation reports. The subject is nuclear weapons. As VT has always been, if anything, over represented with nuclear weapons designers, chemical engineers and nuclear weapons specialists, we have found the bizarre mythology about nuclear weapons to be a danger to the public.

If you are looking to build a weapon, go elsewhere. If you already have one or more and want to keep them safe, we can help.

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