Putin Scores Another Historic Victory: Austria Signs South Stream Pipeline Deal In Defiance Of Europe

As more Europeans sign up with China, the end of the Petro dollar is coming, and with it the end of US Global Hegemony and Fed Racketeering. US Welfare is unaffordable and must end as it is today. Britain is cutting its own Military by a further 20%. The Bloated US Cabal needs to be cut by 50%. Out with them. Eurasia is coming. America is ending as the Terror Overlord. America needs to face reality fast - it's OVER!

France is about to sign the same deal that Britain just signed directly with China on trade in yuan rather than dollars. Europe is shifting and Eurasia will become a reality as America is further isolated as the dollar is shunned in trade and settlement. The reality is that Europe wants to go its own way and not be a vassal state. These are epic events where the direction is clear and will not return to the past.

Below is a big story unto itself.

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
25 June 2014

As the war of words between Europe and Russia has escalated, one of the outcomes that has emerged is that just like in false flag war over Syria, the Ukraine war was about the simplest possible thing, and yet so very complicate: a gas pipeline. Of course, it was never a secret that the prize in controlling Ukraine was possession of the vast pipeline infrastructure that left Russia and entered Europe, but since it was all Gazprom's gas in the first place, it didn't really matter if Kiev had possession of the gas as it transits to Europe, or if, as the case is now, Ukraine is merely a transit hub with all Russian gas delivered to European countries and none of it staying in the civil war torn country. After all as of this moment Ukraine can't afford any Russian gas, and if it siphons off any of the product destined for Germany and beyond it would simply antagonize its new NATO best friends, who also happen to be Gazprom clients.

No, the pipeline that has emerged with a starring role in the Ukraine conflict has nothing to do with Ukraine, but is a pipeline that crosses several hundred kilometers south of Ukraine - the South Stream project, which leaves the Russian black sea coast south of Crimea, crosses the black sea, and traverses Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and ends up in the gas hub in Baumgarten, Austria from where it proceeds to all points in central Europe, mostly Germany.

The project, which was conceived in 2007, was meant explicitly to bypass Ukraine, and to be an alternative to the now mothballed Nabucco gas pipeline which, with the backing of the US and Europe, would have taken Caspian gas (mainly Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan) and traverse Turkey before emerging in Bulgaria, and then followed the European path of the South Stream into the Austrian hub and beyond.

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