Report: Israel tells U.S. it would act to save Jordan from Islamists

What a crock! Israel wants to use Jordan now as the Buffer zone to stop the coming Militarization of Islamic forces who will simply remove them from Arab lands, by lethal force.

What a gig, neocons fund both sides so that if you end fighting with yourself the military complex wins.

All this while American infrastructure rots due to neglect of funding.

Let Israel- GO!

A Jordanian soldier near the Al-Karameh border point with Iraq on June 25, 2014. Photo by AFP

The jihadist threat to Jordan and possibility of Israeli involvement is of grave concern to the Obama administration, the Daily Beast reports.

28 June 2014

Israeli diplomats have told their American counterparts that Israel would be prepared to take military action to save the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan if it came under attack by jihadist militants, the Daily Beast reported on Saturday.

The threat posed to Jordan by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) which has already taken over wide swathes of Iraq and Syria, is of deep concern to the Obama administration and was the subject of a confidential briefing by administration officials to senators last week, according to the online news site.

The chief concern is that an attack on Jordan would inevitably drag Israel and possibly the United States into the fighting.

“Jordan could not repel a full assault from ISIS on its own at this point,” one senator was quoted as saying. Jordan "will ask Israel and the United States for as much help as they can get.”

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