Russian Aerospace Defence Forces placing S-300 in operational readiness

Russia is not waiting around and will be ready for trouble if it comes. Ready to take down the US or NATO.

Practice makes perfect.

Photo: RIA Novosti

Units of the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces taking part in an exercise outside Kaliningrad are placing S-300 air-defence missile systems in operational readiness and locking on targets at different heights, the Defence Ministry Press-Service and Information Directorate told RIA Novosti.

The Voice of Russia
13 June 2014

A joint exercise of the Baltic Fleet, the Russian Airborne Troops and the Russian Air Force directed by the Western District commander is being held in the Kaliningrad Region. Aerospace defence units pursue defensive of the aerospace in the exercise area.

The exercise is taking place at the same time with the NATO international exercises Saber Strike 2014 and Baltops 2014 that started in Europe. The Russian Baltic Fleet maneuvers are monitored by The Alster reconnaissance ship of the German Navy.

"During the exercise, Aerospace Defence units are fulfilling tasks in putting missiles onto launch platforms and preparing them for field firing, as well as acquisition tracking of solitary and collective air targets at low and super-low heights," the Defence Ministry said.

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