The Stench Of Benghazi

Benghazi is not going away, but Clinton and Obama need to, for life!
By Karl W. B. Schwartz
22 June 2014

When trying to turn back the insanity of the myopic stupidity of the United States government it is often necessary to pay attention to current events and predicting which ‘chess move’ they are trying to set up next. The winds of war produce both bad results but they also uncover the truth for those paying attention. Sometimes those hot winds blow away the obfuscation and the facts are clearer to see.

I think there are major revelations about to come out regarding Benghazi and 4 dead Americans including a US Ambassador to Libya.

Ukraine has been a long sought goal since 1991 and the collapse of the USSR. They want Ukraine to be the next low wage labor pool for the EU (both cheap labor and tax base for a failing European Union), and NATO pushed to the border of Russia. You have to dig deep and pay attention but that is actually 2 disparate and competing factions trying to carve up Ukraine for their own purposes.

They were in error, as is usually the case that Russia was just going to sit idly by. Russia is in fact a Superpower and if the USA cannot handle Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, (and Georgia August 2008), only complete idiots would think they can take on Russia.

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