US to deploy 275 troops to Iraq

Having robbed a bank for $400M, and take Billions in US weaponry, a lucrative hostile campaign is emerging.

If these guys really now have over $2B in funding then there will be no shortage of weapons for them to access.

In letter to Congress, Obama says the military force will provide security for US Embassy and personnel in Baghdad

Al Jazeera
16 June 2014

President Barack Obama notified Congress on Monday that about 275 U.S. military personnel are deploying to Iraq.

Obama said the troops are going to provide support and security for U.S. personnel and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. He said the forces are equipped for combat and will remain in Iraq until the security situation improves and they are no longer needed.

About 160 troops are already in Iraq, including 50 Marines and more than 100 Army soldiers, some of whom have only recently arrived.

Under the authorization Obama outlined, a U.S. official said Washington will put an additional 100 soldiers in a nearby third country, where they would be held in reserve until needed.

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