U.S. to Evacuate Many Staff Members From Baghdad Embassy

It now seems the fix is in and trillions were wasted, along with countless casualties, for the lies of Tony Blair and George Bush. Now perhaps Obama can explain why his drones saw no evil, knew no evil and heard no evil when ISIS came a calling, and why the guns being used came via Libya paid with American dollars producing the scandal called Benghazi. BENGHAZI - Clinton and Obama. Your criminality is coming home to roost.

Atlas Shrugs
By Pamela Geller
15 June 2014

It looks as if Barack Obama knows that Baghdad is going to fall — or become the scene of open warfare between two Muslim armies, both fiercely to the U.S. Score yet another surrender and failure for Obama. He is driving this nation to ruin and emboldening jihadis around the world.

“U.S. to Evacuate Many Staff Members From Baghdad Embassy,” by Tim Arango and Michael R. Gordon, New York Times, June 15, 2014

ERBIL, Iraq — The American Embassy in Baghdad plans to evacuate a substantial number of its personnel this week in the face of a militant advance that rapidly swept from the north toward the capital, the State Department announced on Sunday.

The embassy, a beige fortress on the banks of the Tigris River within the heavily-secured Green Zone, where Iraqi government buildings are also located, has the largest staff of any United States Embassy.

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