Warning - Graphic | the Horrors of WAR

You REALLY need to see this. These dogs are coming.

Soldiers executed - You have been warned if you watch this!

WARNING!!! If you are faint at heart and easily upset at graphic images, please do not view video.

We don't portray this to offend you but so that you have no doubt in your mind who these people are. Their goal is to kill everyone in their way. Christians and/or infidels are on the top of their list. Just so you understand completely, if you are not with them, if you are NOT a Muslim, these people want YOU dead.

If you decide to view the video, be warned, it is very graphic and disturbing. The thing that is particularly disturbing is the last part of the video. What kind of culture promotes the vicious, hate-filled behavior displayed on this video?

If this doesn't drive home what is happening in the real world and the risks we face in preserving our values and way of life then nothing will.


Be warned, this is very graphic and disturbing. It shows how cheap life is to these animals and anyone who does not embrace their views.

These are the Horrors of WAR.

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