Western leadership bankruptcy on display in Ukraine

Small wonder the West is being seen as an undesirable guest in much of the world. It will only accelerate the departure from the dollar in trade.

Riot police standing behind their shields at the site of clashes with protesters in Kiev. (Press TV file photo)

Press TV
By Jim W. Dean
16 June 2014

The Syrian election and now the geopolitical earthquake in Iraq have sucked the air out of the Ukraine coverage.

This has allowed Poroshenko to continue the solely punitive military-assault on East Ukraine, which is nothing more than a morbid payoff display of saying “thank you” to those who voted him into office.

The lack of continued coverage in the West has allowed both the US administration and the EU to escape any public scrutiny and approbation for having done nothing to stop the carnage, when they can do so with one phone call, or to get the negotiations started, which we all know will eventually take place.

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