Xi Urges Greater Innovation in ‘Core Technologies’

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The key to any country is seizing the day of new technology and innovation. Too few governments realize this.

The New York Times
By Chris Buckley
10 June 2014

Even when President Xi Jinping of China urges his country’s scientists to blaze a trail into the future, he dwells on the defeats and humiliations of the past.

On Monday, Mr. Xi delivered his biggest speech on science and technology since becoming national leader and gave fresh urgency to demands that China master and control the new technologies that, he said, will decide the global economic and political winners and losers of coming decades. And he pointed to China’s past as a victim of invasion and subjugation as a lesson in the price of scientific backwardness.

“Only if core technologies are in our own hands can we truly hold the initiative in competition and development,” Mr. Xi said at a meeting of senior Chinese scientists and engineers, according to an official transcript in the People’s Daily newspaper on Tuesday. “Only then can we fundamentally ensure our national economic security, defense security and other aspects of security. We cannot always dress up other people’s yesterdays as our own tomorrows.”

The Chinese Communist Party’s policy of actively encouraging what it calls “indigenous innovation” goes back almost 20 years to Jiang Zemin, who was president then. And Deng Xiaoping, the party patriarch who championed economic rejuvenation from the late 1970s, stressed science and technology in his reforms. But Mr. Xi’s emphasis on the race for technological leadership has gone hand in hand with Chinese government accusations that foreign technology companies serve as tools of Western subversion and espionage.

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