Child abuse reporting will be ramrodded through into law soon. It will all get cracked wide open.

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David Cameron has indicated he is ready to change the law to make it an offence not to report child abuse amid calls from campaigners for a crackdown on people who cover up the crime.

Mail Online
By Press Association
9 July 2014

The Prime Minister said the reviews into historic paedophilia allegations would look into the possibility of introducing new offences and told MPs he believed it "may well be time to take that sort of step forward".

NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless, who is leading a review into the Home Office's handling of abuse claims, earlier announced that the charity wanted tougher laws to make it a criminal offence to cover up child sex abuse.

Mr Wanless also called for the authorities to consider stronger corporate duties on adults to protect children living away from home, in institutions like care homes or boarding schools, where they may be particularly at risk.

Mr Cameron said: "Should we change the law so there is a requirement to report and make it a criminal offence not to report?

"The Government is currently looking at that and of course both reviews will be able to examine this particular point and advise us accordingly.

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