BRICS Development Bank launched, first president to be from India

Not a Zionist in sight. You think they know something maybe.

Note the time of article (1210 IST 16 Jul 2014 = 1210 MDT 15 Jul 2014)

The Times of India
16 July 2014

FORTALEZA, Brazil - Leaders of the BRICS group of emerging powers on Tuesday created a Shanghai-based development bank and a reserve fund seen as counterweights to Western-led financial institutions.

The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa agreed to launch the institutions to finance infrastructure projects and head off future economic crises.

"These initiatives show that, despite our diversity, our countries are committed to a solid and productive association," Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said at a summit in the northeastern seaside city of Fortaleza.

Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed the agreements as "a very powerful way to prevent new economic difficulties."

The five emerging nations first unveiled their plans last year. The New Development Bank aims to rival the Washington-based World Bank while the reserve is seen as a "mini-IMF."

BRICS leaders have pressed for reform of the International Monetary Fund to give developing countries more voting rights.

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