China, L. America embrace each other to enhance comprehensive cooperation

China steps ever closer to derailing America.

Perhaps we will see announcements relating to the BRICS bank.

27 April 2014

BEIJING - China and Latin America, two great civilizations, are embracing each other despite geographical distances in an effort to enhance their comprehensive cooperation.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's just-concluded week-long tour in Latin America has deepened China's relations with the continent and laid the groundwork for Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit planned for later this year.

The upcoming trip will be Xi's second to the continent as Chinese president in more than one year, which demonstrates the new Chinese leadership values China-Latin America relations, an integral part of the Chinese government's overall diplomatic balance.


Economic and trade cooperation was highlighted during Wang's visits to not only such regional giants as Argentina and Brazil, but also such traditional friendly countries as Cuba and Venezuela.

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