Clegg rejects calls for Hillsborough-style inquiry into historic child sex abuse, despite mounting anger over disappearance of bombshell Westminster paedophile dossier

We are now setting up Government Inquiries into the missing files and full investigations have now started.

Daily we raise more issues and soon there will be nowhere to hide.

Clegg is trying to avoid a full Inquiry because he knows his party will face head on guilty reports in public. Clegg you are lunch. You and your Perve colleagues are taking the hit. We ARE feeding the media Clegg. Next week knocks on the doors will start. We are coming for you all. This is now a Lords driven initiative.

Nick Clegg said child sex abuse allegations should be handled by the police and rejected calls for a Hillsborough-style public inquiry

  • Lord Brittan, 74, is facing questions over handling of 'explosive' document
  • Tory peer told journalists last year he had no recollection of being given it
  • In a statement yesterday morning, however, he changed his mind
  • Confirmed he was given ‘bundle of papers’ by MP Geoffrey Dickens
  • He now says he passed them to officials in 1983 for further investigation

Mail Online
By Tom Mctague
3 July 2014

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg this morning rejected calls for a Hillsborough-style inquiry into historic sex abuse allegations - despite growing concern over the disappearance of a dossier detailing explosive claims of sex abuse by paedophiles within Westminster.

Mr Clegg said the police should be in charge of getting to the bottom of what happened to vulnerable children in care homes, following claims that high profile individuals were part of a paedophile network targetting children.

The Lib Dem leader's remarks came after former Home Secretary Leon Brittan admitted receiving a file containing allegations of a child abuse network operating in Westminster. He said he was given the file by the late Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1983 and launched an investigation into the claims.

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