D.C. Whispers: The Obama White House “Burn Bags”

If you want to know the reality of Obama read this.

DW Ulsterman

Each day the Obama White House releases its official presidential schedule. What then happens to the real schedule? The one the White House wants no-one else to see?

Those schedules are destroyed.

Check out this recent description on the subject by Yahoo News:

It’s a document so closely held that Obama aides, like their counterparts under George W. Bush, are expected to dispose of it at day’s end in “burn bags” typically reserved for documents so sensitive they cannot be consigned to mere shredding.

Here’s the thing though, reader. Despite the president’s private schedule offering more detail than the “official” schedule distributed to the media, in the Obama White House, it still falls well short of offering an outline of what is really going on inside the Obama White House. Barack Obama, more than most, has large blocks of time devoted to…nothing. Hours go entirely unaccounted for. It is an odd paradox with this White House. Where normally the official schedule resembles little to the actual private schedule of the president, with the Obama White House, the gaps of time in the official schedule seem to more closely mirror how he spends his time throughout the day.

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