Ex-senior judge Butler-Sloss to head child sex abuse inquiry

For all those among you who have campaigned tirelessly for this, please read today's status. We WILL process the 20 and all others who get linked in, and there will be NO Cover ups or protected deals. Any who fail to answer questions will be arrested and dealt with on Remand as Nonces getting razored tends to get them talking fast. The 20 must get a fair trial and all who covered up their crimes will be charged also. This will network out and catch more.

The Bell tolls for them now.

Baroness Butler-Sloss: 'We will begin this important work as soon as possible.'

BBC News
8 July 2014

Retired senior judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, 80, has been named as the chairman of a wide-ranging review into historical child sex abuse.

Lady Butler-Sloss led the Cleveland child abuse inquiry in the late 1980s.

Mark Sedwill, the Home Office's top civil servant, answering MPs' questions about historical child abuse allegations, said he was determined "to put this right".

"As a citizen, as a parent, I shudder when I think about this," he said.

Mr Sedwill was asked by the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee how his department lost or destroyed 114 files that could have shed light on alleged abuse.

The files were discovered to be missing following a review Mr Sedwill commissioned last year into the Home Office's handling of child abuse allegations between 1979 and 1999. He said the review had found no evidence that they had been removed or destroyed "inappropriately".

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