Exposing the New World Order Before the July 4th Weekend: WTF Happened to the Principles of Freedom and Liberty?

Yet more Vatican and Elitist exposure of US Non Freedom Realities.

Omni Thought
By PL Chang
2 July 2014

This article is one of my most important articles. Read it like your life depends on it because when SHTF, you will be ready. This article will focus more on the Americans, so if you don’t live in the United States of America, don’t feel bad or offended. In this article, I will also reveal information that relates to the rest of the world, so don’t think that I’m excluding the rest of the people of the world. I’m only directing this article towards Americans because it is almost July 4th. Plus, it has been more than a decade since 9/11 and yet most Americans still have no clue as to what really happened on that tragic day. SMH.

I was planning to write this freedom and liberty article on July 3rd and publish it on July 4th. However, after stumbling upon a YouTube video about Tila Tequila exposing the Illuminati, I felt a strong urge coming from deep down inside my soul to write this article to remind the people of the world, especially Americans about the importance of freedom and liberty, and why we need to stop being so lazy and start taking actions.

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about why the rest of the world is standing up against tyranny and is waking up to the fact that the real terrorists are hiding inside the United States and Europe, and why we as Americans aren’t doing shit about it. WTF happened to the principles of freedom and liberty that made the USA so great. Are we still the “land of the free and the brave?” Or are we the “land of the greed and the slave?” As Americans, we have been brainwashed and dumbed down so bad that we don’t even realize what the United States is anymore.

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