Five Chinese weapons that India should fear: report

China and India watch each other as wary big dogs.

One wonders how India sees all this developing and whether it is a real threat to be countered. Big guns usually hunt big game.

Two DH-10 mobile-road missile launchers. (Internet photo)

Want China Times
30 June 2014

After reviewing five Indian weapons systems that China should fear on the battlefield, Kyle Mizokami, a defense expert from San Francisco has followed up by discussing five Chinese systems that could pose a threat to the Indian military.

In an article for the Washington-based National Interest magazine, Mizokami said that the China's WU-14 hypersonic glide vehicle is the deadliest of the five weapons systems. With the ability to travel between 3,840 and 7,680 miles an hour, the Wu-14 is simply too fast and too difficult for the Indian military to intercept. "A hypersonic weapon launched from Xinjiang, western China and traveling at Mach 7 could reach Bangalore in 20 minutes, and Delhi in less than 10," said Mizokami.

China's future aircraft carrier is the second weapons system which the Indian military should fear, according to the expert. Quoting from the Tokyo-based Diplomat, Mizokami said that China's future carrier is going to be larger than the Liaoning, the nation's first carrier. It still remains unknown whether the carrier will be nuclear-powered, Mizokami said, however the new vessel will probably be capable of carrying a total 50 aircraft.

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