Jimmy Savile’s Necrophilic ‘Mucking About’ Brought to Light

Total pervert with friends it seems who need exposure. How did he ever get away with it for so long?

While fellow-traveller Rolf Harris is facing sentencing for child abuse, the news on the late, disgraced Jimmy Savile keeps getting worse 

Ultra Culture
By Stephen Foland
2 July 2014

A new report alleges that the late BBC personality Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted patients and corpses at Leeds General Infirmary as a volunteer.

The new investigative report digs into Savile’s philanthropic association with Leeds General Infirmary; a relationship that lasted for five decades. The report from the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is supported by 200 eyewitness interviews and 1,300 documents, and alleges that while acting as a volunteer in the hospital, Savile may engaged in acts of depravity including sexual assaults on men, women and children—and even necrophilia.

The new information only compounds the rage and horror millions of British music fans and television viewers have experienced following the revelations that have surfaced in the wake of BBC personality Jimmy Savile’s death in 2012 (and this week’s guilty verdict for British/Australian children’s entertainer Rolf Harris on twelve counts of indecent assault). According to a story that ran in The Observer in January of this year, Jimmy Savile (Top of the Pops) may have assaulted as many as 1000 victims before his death in 2012. Dame Janet Smith is leading an independent review of Jimmy Savile’s alleged misconduct during his employment by the BBC and is expected to release their findings later this year.

Savile volunteered at the hospital as an event organizer and celebrity philanthropist throughout the 1960s, even bringing the Beach Boys to Leeds after the hospital had suffered a fire in 1968.

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