Modi to press for equal shareholding in proposed BRICS bank

The world is saying No! No more Zionist Banking chicanery. Out with them all.

Clearly aimed at China for voice recognition which is likely agreed too.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi - Image: PTI

The Times of India
14 July 2014

FORTALEZA, Brazil: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch his first multilateral engagement in this seaside city of Brazil, meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping ahead of Tuesday's BRICS Summit at which India will press for equal shareholding for its five member countries in the proposed $50 billion BRICS Development Bank so that no shareholder dominates.

As the football World Cup fever recedes in this soccer crazy nation, Modi will join Putin, Xi, South African President Jacob Zuma and the host President Dilma Rousseff in deliberations over the proposed bank, international financial architecture and other issues at Fortaleza, one of the host cities of the World Cup which ended yesterday with Germany emerging the world champions.

India is keen on the issue of equal share holding since it does not want a repeat of the distortions that have crept into Bretton Woods institutions like International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank in which rich countries like the US and Japan have a strangle hold.

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