Murdered Palestinian teenager's family says new footage shows his abduction

Always, one Israeli is hurt and the wailing wall goes into overdrive. The Press won't shut up!

But for the killing of Palestinians, THEFT of THEIR Land, poisoning of their land, brutalization at Check Points and vile, abominable conduct of the Kazakh oppressors, not a word is said. What a sick and sad world. Another innocent child dies for this locust hoard. Where is justice then? The Jewish Lobby needs to be toned down and muzzled hard. What about Arab hurt?

Claims that Mohamed Abu Khdeir was targeted by Israeli extremists in revenge attack appear to be bolstered by video

The Guardian
By Peter Beaumont
3 July 2014

New video footage has emerged which the family of a Palestinian teenager abducted and murdered earlier this week says shows the moment of his kidnapping.

Mohamed Abu Khdeir, 17, was snatched by three men in a car while he was waiting to pray outside a mosque next to his home in East Jerusalem. His badly burned body was discovered in a forest on the western side of the city.

Senior Palestinian figures, including President Mahmoud Abbas, have said they believe the teenager was targeted by Israeli extremists in a revenge attack for the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers three weeks ago.

This claim appeared to be bolstered by the emergence of the footage which the boy's family says captures the abduction – and suggests that he was randomly targeted outside a mosque and did not know his kidnappers.

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