New data bill: Last-minute rush 'undermines trust in Government intentions'

This has all the hallmarks of a classic SNAFU and is guaranteeing abuse and misuse.

Shadow Home Secretary says 'this is not the way this kind of legislation should be done'

The Independent
By Nigel Morris
16 July 2014

New laws giving powers to police and security services to examine the records of telecoms and internet companies were being rushed through the Commons this evening.

Although the principle of the legislation was backed by an overwhelming majority of MPs, critics expressed fury at the haste with which the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill had been introduced.

The veteran Labour MP David Winnick said the speed of the moves made a “mockery of parliamentary democracy”, while the former shadow Cabinet member Tom Watson denounced “democratic banditry resonant of a rogue state”.

The Bill received a second reading by a margin of 498 votes to 31 and was going through its remaining Commons stages tonight. It heads to the House of Lords tomorrow.

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