Nicolas Sarkozy becomes first former French president to be taken into police custody as he is quizzed over corruption

If the French can arrest an ex President for corruption, when can it start for both Bushes, Cheney, both Clintons, Biden, Obama, Greenspan, Paulson, Emmanuel, Obama and Agency heads, plus so many more for cover ups. Then Gitmo can take them all for Water Boarding.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who is being held in police custody as investigators question him over corruption allegations

  • Former leader held for questioning over suspected 'influence peddling'
  • Becomes the first former French president to be taken into police custody
  • Arrived at investigators' offices in Nanterre, western Paris this morning
  • Is suspected of seeking inside information into probe of his 2007 election campaign
  • Politician has always denied any wrongdoing in a string of investigations
  • Had indicated he would try and be re-elected as president in 2017

Mail Online
By Peter Allen
and Jennifer Newton
1 July 2014

Nicolas Sarkozy today became the first former French president to be held in police custody as detectives questioned him over corruption allegations.

The 59-year-old arrived at the offices of the judicial police in Nanterre, the west Paris suburb, shortly after 8am.

He was placed 'garde a vue' - a legal term meaning he is a suspect at the centre of a major criminal enquiry.

It relates to so-called 'influence peddling' - effectively trying to interfere with those investigating him over a range of corruption enquiries.

Mr Sarkozy's lawyer, Thierry Herzog, and two judges were taken into custody for questioning yesterday in relation to the same investigation.

Both Mr Sarkozy and Mr Herzog are suspected of trying to pervert the course of justice through their contacts in the judiciary.

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