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One World of Nations
By Neo
26 July 2014

Let's assume for a moment there is a real God out there in the cosmos. This entity is not the creation of a needy human mind as Sigmund Freud supposes. If such a force exists, then it would necessarily be something of vast wisdom. Should this God of ours be relational based, then the vastness of a empty universe would not be a happy place to exist. Let's suppose that He chose to create something out of nothing to find some greater pleasure and meaning. Yet, in so doing, decided that true fellowship could only exist with a free will to choose to do so. The creation of mankind could have been two fold. First and foremost was to be a companion to the creator and second to be a steward of His creation.

Granting a choice to be a companion carries with it consequences. For the sake of further discussion, let's assume that in mankind's process of making these choices that a breach occurred. This breach of mutual trust resulted in foundational shifts in how God and mankind relate to each other. This complicated their relationship profoundly. Something dramatic had to happen if there was ever going to be restoration of the relationship. Someone or something had to bridge the gap.

What gets lost by many who choose to cross the bridge is the profound lack of understanding that along with the restoration of the relationship comes the responsibility of stewardship. This lack of understanding is often communicated through various theological stances. It's more convenient and profitable to fleece the sheep while they are asleep.

If our benevolent God is trustworthy, then he does not show favoritism toward any part of humanity. He puts part of himself into every life that is formed from the moment of conception. This sharing of himself is a bond that all of humanity shares. He would necessarily place the intellect and ability to solve many problems across the globe not in only one geographic location, but in many. This bond between the village of humanity and God would assure that all were given an equitable share of problem solving ability while being a productive member of the whole.

That would necessarily leave us with a great dilemma. Our benevolent creator would, without question, deposit in some third world people group the answers to what the "others" might be looking for. By not having equal access to the basics of health, education, food and shelter, the elite of society would be cutting off their nose to spite their face. Their comfort, predatory ways and lack of understanding will be their own undoing.

If there was any one tribe that rose up to dominate any other, He would, I am sure, choose to take them down a peg or two as the saying goes. No one people group would be afforded the opportunity to enslave all others. History records the rise and fall of many civilizations over the eons. Their scattered ruins litter the surface of the planet. The big question is, are we facing just such a re balance within the larger confines of a global perspective?

Surly justice would be the foundation of God's relationship with his creation. If that is the case, then how can so few use so much of the world's resources and expect to continue in their predatory pillage without bearing the consequences? How could justice allow so many to be enslaved by so few? How can our failure of our stewardship continued unabated under the watchful eye of our creator, God?

How can the "machinery", of those who claim to be serving be allowed to crush the life out of the innocent people? If by some miracle a mechanism, machine or invention could afford us the ability to continue the American Lifestyle without cost, would we choose to continue, to embrace it? Is having the money to do something the same thing as having the moral imperative to spend it any way we wish? Just because we have the money to live large doesn't mean we should. Right?

Does funding, constructing and maintaining a purpose built space that seats some hundreds for only two or three hours a week honor the creator of the universe? Add to this the often popular architectural idolatry to the mix only complicates things further. If such places began to pay property taxes like any other structure in town, what would be the benefit from it as a whole? How many teachers could be hired? How many policemen could be better equipped?

Should, by some miracle, we as a society are given the opportunity to improve our infrastructure, how would we spend the money? If all we do is expand the status quo, then we will have accomplished absolutely nothing. Bigger is not better! More of the same only delays the inevitable failure of our "Roman Empire". We have to change everything from our eating habits to how we purchase health care.

If you think the government is going to do it, think again. Government is simply the reflection of the people. That is a terrible indictment against us given the horrid shape of today's government. But this simple truth may not be pleasant to embrace. When we change the government we will have no other choice but to follow suit or it will become more irrelevant than it already is. It is the ordinary citizens who have to rise to the occasion, by saying enough is enough.

Many, many pockets of people are rising to the occasion. I was fortunate enough to visit our local farmers market today. Local people raising healthy local food. Micro-Architecture is sweeping many different parts of the country. Cut off the mortgage cash cow to the banks and watch how quickly they sing a different tune. Stop buying all of the Cabal's "stuff" and watch what happens.

We need to invest wisely in new systems and new models. Everything from community planning to architecture needs to shift its emphasis. It's not difficult nor does it take a lot of money. All we need is a change of heart and willingness to embrace new approaches. The embryonic stages of this revolution is already surfacing when you know what to look for.

I can't believe that God would ever be more pleased than the day we stopped the madness. If our God is all powerful, not the figments of our imaginations, then I would suppose that any steps in this new direction would be empowered with help. America needs to dramatically down size just about everything to make room for everyone else. It's going to happen - voluntarily or involuntary. The choice is ours. Having crossed over a bridge of reconciliation, do we not want to honor the builder of it? No one issue could be more imperative for us as we face the choices of how to rebuild the infrastructure of humanity. Will we simply build another Detroit or will we do something more lasting?

The choice is ours, let's hope we choose wisely.


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  3. JVJul 27, 2014, 7:09:00 PM John, Are you familiar with this company Landa-Humanus. They appear to be a Canada company, but their site says they originated in Hong Kong in 2008. There is some interesting information on here along the lines of what you talk about. They had an interesting post about the IMF releasing bonds for this week. http://humanus.ca/landa-global-historic-bond-information.php Curious if you did. This is way too detailed of a site to be a guru site. All kinds of trust information, bond redemption information and protocals, alternative tech, humanitarian information etc. Reply Replies daryllukeJul 27, 2014, 8:23:00 PM JV, What a great find!!! Thnx for bring that here. ~darylluke. Delete daryllukeJul 27, 2014, 8:48:00 PM It would seem "The cat is out of the bag."!! Delete PhoenixJul 27, 2014, 9:09:00 PM I think this may be Zap's site. If you follow his posts, he mentions this site (and a few others) in a post a few weeks back. Also, sometimes the posts from him are nearly verbatim to what is on this site. daryllukeJul 27, 2014, 9:58:00 PM I stopped reading Zap a while ago. Too "airy-fairy" for my taste....

  4. pJul 27, 2014, 10:38:00 AM If something like this could be utilized to help even more countries and projects it would be awesome! ) Christian Kroll - Ecosia.org || Valhalla Movement Network 2014-07-24 16:59 What if every time you searched online you could plant a tree? It’s Possible. Ecosia.org is a search engine that donates 80% of its profits to planting trees with your clicks. Yes you heard correctly - trees will be planted simply because you would use Ecosia as your search engine of choice. What they do make money off ads in the same way that Google does and put this money into planting trees in Brazil to help maintain the rainforest there. I’ve been using Ecosia for a while and have directly helped plant close to 1000 trees just simply surfing the web. Slacktivism might be pretty powerful afterall. http://www.ecosia.org http://www.valhallamovement.com Reply Replies PhoenixJul 27, 2014, 9:19:00 PM P, thanks for the info. I will check it out and consider switching my search engine. Lots of innovative ideas out there. Here's another one: CHANGE YOUR COFFEE, CHANGE THE WORLD How It Works Every $12 bag you buy at www.onecup.org sends a $2 donation to World Vision, which is then multiplied 5.5x by matching grant partners (USAID and other organizations) so $12 goes to fund the good work World Vision does in Africa. Now that’s revolutionary. It’s business and non-profit working together. Come change the world with us.

    1. DL these are the steps we need as humanity. Good post.

  5. TexianJul 27, 2014, 11:48:00 AM Since UK has black box from MH17 for investigation, does anyone think they will reveal there was not a live human pilot or anyone else alive on that flight? That it was the frame of the missing MH370? Check out the following for compelling evidence: abeldanger.net And Jimstonefreelance.com

  6. fedupJul 27, 2014, 6:07:00 AM http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/07/08/11-tactics-mainstream-media-manufacture-consent/ 11 Tactics Used by the Mainstream Media to Manufacture Consent for the Oligarchy July 8, 2014 The mainstream media is aging and collapsing under the weight of its own hubris and arrogance. Now entirely formulaic in presentation and predictable in substance, the ‘major’ outlets of news, which are monopolized under only a small handful of corporations, serve the purpose of misleading the public on important issues and manufacturing consent for government and the oligarchs. The public is still largely numb to this reality, and in a wicked catch-22 for modern man, many people are still addicted to the very media that serves as the primary weapon of social control against them. The tide is turning, however, and to help break the spell we bring you this comprehensive list of 11 tactics used against the public by the mainstream media to coerce consensus, divide, conquer, ridicule and stifle truthful or meaningful conversation about the state of our world. 1. Lying by Omission – What is not on the nightly news? 2. Controlling the Debate – Who is arguing, and for what cause? 3. Selecting the Right Anchors, Casters and Presenters 4. Scripting and Synchronizing News 5. Politicizing Everything 6. Using the Language of Separation and Labels 7. Asking the Wrong Questions 8. Closing the Book Too Soon 9. Triviality and Distraction 10. Outright Lying 11. Bonus – Eye Candy and Mind Melting Conclusion News is a commodity just like everything else these days, and although many still believe the point of news is to inform, it is important to accept the hard truth that the purpose of the news is really just to sell something, be it a product, an idea, a candidate, a public image, a war, or whatever. For this, the mainstream media is focused on first deciding which issues are to be discussed in the public forum, then by using a bagful of tricks to shape people’s perceptions of an issue, the media divides us and pits us against each other while leading us into consent for an underlying and hidden agenda. (Read full article at link above)

  7. VlastimilJul 27, 2014, 3:49:00 AM http://www.gold-eagle.com/article/derivatives-abuse-props-risks Jim Willie <<<<< ORIGIN OF DERIVATIVE SPECIES The origins of derivatives really came onto the scene in the early 1990 decade following the Black Monday 1987 crash. Most people believe the nation overcame the crisis. It did not. Actually the weight shifted, so that the Asian Meltdown occurred ten years later in a grand echo. …….. <<<<< Good read…..

  8. VlastimilJul 27, 2014, 3:40:00 AM Some guys have balls …… GROZNY, July 26 (RIA Novosti) – Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov is planning to compile his own sanctions list and impose an entry ban on those included in it, a statement on Kadyrov’s Instagram said on Saturday. “Today I have made a decision to compile my own sanctions list, which includes US President Barack Obama, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, European Council President Herman van Rompuy, the EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and European Parliament President Martin Schulz,” the statement reads. <<<<<<< Remember that Chechnya was supposed to be turned against Russia and it turned other way after Putin made meetings with their leadership and made them plain who and how the game is being played... Reply Replies pJul 27, 2014, 6:07:00 AM Great news Vlastimil, hope that movement spreads.We need more leaders with the courage to do what is right.

  9. daryllukeJul 26, 2014, 9:53:00 PM JOHN'S last info about what is going on currently with PP's, Dinar, Dong, etc.....You may have missed it: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2014/07/top-obama-adviser-gop-prepping-for.html?showComment=1406344327335#c8210299304501275541 Thank You John!!! ~darylluke.

  10. daryllukeJul 26, 2014, 9:35:00 PM Should Obama Be Impeached? OR Simply ARRESTED? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv-_yR4yuZY (6min) From comments: "Joe Price 8 hours ago YOU CAN'T IMPEACH AN ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT ! A GRAND JURY HAS TO ISSUE A TRUE BILL AGAINST OBAMA FOR FULL BLOWN TREASON. THE MILITARY CAN ARREST OBAMA FOR TREASON AND TRY HIM BY A MILITARY TRIBUNAL ! " Sounds like a plan to me!! I would ad that over 500 should also be arrested w/him in DC. ~darylluke.

  11. daryllukeJul 27, 2014, 9:45:00 PM Adolf Hitler speech against freemasonry illuminati NWO,zionist plutocratic warmongers England https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsbaP3eMpBU (6min) History got re-written by the "victors" it would seem. He got to live out his life as a priest in Argentina. ~darylluke.

  12. fedupJul 27, 2014, 7:49:00 PM DEVELOPING: Top Military Leaders Are in an Unprecedented Rebellion Against Obama Every American officer, regardless of branch of service, take the same oath upon their appointment to the military. They swear to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The language used is not dissimilar to that of the presidential oath of office as it appears in Article II of the Constitution: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” The American oaths of office are different from those of so many nations around the world, because we do not swear allegiance to a person, a religious sect, or even to the nation’s citizens. America’s leaders swear to uphold the Constitution, the documentin which the individual freedoms that make America unique among all nations in history are enshrined and guaranteed... http://conservativetribune.com/military-leaders-rebellion/ http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2014/07/developing-top-military-leaders-are-in.html

    Read more at: http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2014/07/owon-exclusive-equity-for-all-value-of.html?showComment=1406519920041#c1381506228166934908
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  13. dl, that's awesome what you did! ) Am sure that helps canauzzie, bless his dear heart! )

    Here's something new on an old topic

    Monsanto Ordered to Pay $93 Million to Small Town for Poisoning Citizens

    Big wins can happen in small places. The West Virginia State Supreme Court finalized a big blow to the biotech giant Monsanto this month, finishing a settlement causing Monsanto to pay $93 million to the tiny town of Nitro, West Virginia for poisoning citizens with Agent Orange chemicals.

    Read more: http://naturalsociety.com/monsanto-ordered-pay-93-million-small-town-poisoned-herbicide/#ixzz38l8l7Ppp

  14. Please, allow me to correct a few dual site misunderstandings.
    OWON is focused primarily on the big picture,global developments and major PP accounts which will benefit regions.
    Any first likely releases will be the PPs, as organised, well constructed and easier to contain. Quiet and low profile.
    We have indicated that IF any crumbs are to fall from that table, where possible,we will advise the sites to move fast.

    There is a lot of good humanitarian synergy between both sites, and the potential is recognised.
    PPs are Big Beast territory. Heavyweight pressure. Real value to society to re invest.
    But public millions clutching overprinted dodgy Dinars will not be a pretty site. Visions of chaos unleashed. Funded by who? No such funds exist. The entire GDP of the US is just over $16T. The US is broke. It cant fund fantasies. How will a Pig Feast as propounded by Brokers go down with Iraq?

    Dongs should be OK, but Dinars????????????????? Way too many Dreamers. No one asked anyone to gamble on Dinars.Greed ruled. No Diligence. Just a wild flier. No such money exists to support the amounts propounded, nor will it be created. No one owes anyone. Bar Iraq and Vietnam who are both owed big time. They matter. They deserve release.
    We hold no Dinars- none.

    If a short window opens for a few to get in, then do so quickly. Once the Gurus get wind the ambulance chases will be on. Lock outs will follow. It will get ugly. So its best avoided. We can only go so far. Money is finite. Too many are dreaming of walking out with wheelbarrows of dollars. Some hope.

    And what of the million Iraqi dead? Yet another nation destroyed.
    US awareness runs as as far as Aaah want Maaah lick. And the Souls of the Iraqi dead?

    These are all Hegemony pestilence funds. Bush/ Blair lied, millions died. No one cares, just fill hands.
    Its Maah right, yes well, dream on. Santa won't be coming for many for sure.
    First the PPs for real help. The rest are for Camp Follower grabs, funded by whom? For many nothing stacks up.
    Those who organised will go first. What's left then? The site alerts if possible will be your best chance. We ARE aware. Good luck with it. Greed may rule, but there is no Bale Out Fuel.

    PP Project developments can help many. We will try.

    1. John,

      I have 3 questions.

      If the PP's are released, does that mean that the GS have been released? You have mentioned several times that the best we could hope for was a partial release of PP funds for a select few that are owed and that the GS were at least a year away. The White Hat Reports seem to suggest that the GS are needed to pay these funds back. You have hinted at this fact, as well, when you say the US Treasury and Fed have no money to pay back these stolen funds. Can you clarify this point. I'm a little confused as they seem to contradict one another.

      My next question is about the banking system. Will these global settlements essentially make banks solvent again or do we need to worry about this derivative mess and the high leverage they carry still. Is there a backstop in these settlements to eliminate this inherent risk to the system and prevent it from being allowed to continue.

      My 3rd question is when these pp's are released will we see a reversal of policies in this USA, Rand Corporation, 3 letter agency war machine? Will there be immediate changes or is this a case of now you have money to fight back and it will be a battle still, but with more funding and resources?

      Thanks for your time

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. JV
      The GS will not have been released and are not even close. Huge Geo Political issues.
      As there will be no GS for quite a time the Bank liquidity nightmare builds. The Zionists WILL suck it dry if not taken out of play. Research their real agenda. To the last drop of blood!
      The Rand Corp is totally parasitic. Funding then fighting back is key to all. Your third point is succinct truth. Report 3 will tell you a lot more. The pics will blow your mind, and we will show you how to RECOVER America. The big picture means helping all of you. Changing the whole Chess Board.

      All is NOT lost!

    4. John,

      Thanks for the clarification. Let's hope it can be recovered before it collapses.

      I have one more question based on your response above and the fact you have told site readers to keep their heads up this week and watch the site.

      Am I to understand that some currencies are not dependent on the GS to reset? I was under the impression that the GS would release and these funds would provide the liquidity for the reset of currencies. Without that, no currencies could reset.

      Apparently, some currencies MAY have the possibility to reset without the GS. Am I understanding this correctly?

    5. Thanks John

      If not possible for you to give us an alert on public site, would it be possible to do it via email with some hints where to aim....

    6. JV
      The PPs will lead and are not GS dependent. There are no funds for GS.
      Ignore all this smoking mirrors ego tripping M1 BS. We know the parties,time wasters who cant draw down a dime. Vacuous crap all of it. Dreamers. If only!

    7. John,

      I give up. I get more confused each time I ask a question. We are playing that wonderful game of misdirection. Were you MI6? 009?

      Now no GS. Parties can't draw down a dime? Time Wasters?

      WHA stated mission is to support the White Hats release the GS? What was all that talk in the White Hat Reports of Global Settlements?

    8. JV,

      I lost half of my hair from scratching my head so much the last 3 years.

      I have nothing to support this, but my theory now is that Black Nobility is calling all the shots, if they have not been all along. To get info that is legit is simply impossible for people like us.
      This is a very deep game playing out right now.Massive power shifts beyond comprehension, unseen in our world for at least 500 years, maybe much longer. Whoever those people are, they are the real puppet-masters behind all the known figure-heads, and above the Vatican. I doubt we'll ever know any details.

      We are long overdue for the next JUBILLEE, which are historical facts. SEEMS like the latest generation of this Black Nobility wants to stop that past-practice altogether. THAT is exactly what a GS is: WGS = JUBILLEE.

      My 2-cents, fwiw.... ~darylluke.

    9. It looks very much that way....

    10. JV
      PPs are moving as advised. Seems simple enough.
      No sight of GS, or funds for it, Seems simple enough. What part of, there are no funds for GS do you not get? As GS are mainly Sovereign Platforms, where did you presume to be placed? Have you invested without research and Diligence? Before buying, how did you check your exits and safety? Dinars fail our Diligence. What are we missing which you were confident to proceed with?
      The PPs will cash and go. You? They got organised. Have you?

    11. JV,

      My interpretation of what John is trying to get through to us is that the Global settlements while real and intended for nations to use for humanitarian needs not handouts or to fund currency re-val. The GS are no where close to being released because the Cabal still has a grip on the financial system and would steal and plunder the accounts as they have been doing fraudulently all along. Johns group has wrestled away some of the control of the trading platforms for the Private Placements that were also meant for humanitarian projects but were hi jacked by the Bush cabal. They have large clients to take through the PP`s some whose funds have been stolen and have been waiting patiently for redemption and for these funds to be put to use for approved projects that would perhaps help loosen up the financial noose around societies neck and if all goes well there might be a chance for further participation in the PP`s.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Please continue to check back to "The site is Broken" for updates in the posted article. I have just placed an update. OWoN Archive is now public.

  17. Thousands of rescuers of September 11, suffering from cancer
    Less than 13 years ago to help with the consequences of terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, now on to suffer. With more than 2,500 rescue workers who were deployed to Ground Zero after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, doctors diagnosed cancer. Just last year, their number grew rapidly, the server said to The New York Post.


  18. One person close to Mr Putin said the Yukos ruling was insignificant in light of the bigger geopolitical stand-off over Ukraine.

    “There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?”


  19. Former congressman Ron Paul advocates for abolishing the United States Central Intelligence Agency in a new op-ed where he condemns the CIA and its controversial enhanced interrogation practices.

    On Sunday, the retired Texas lawmaker wrote on the website for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity that “CIA covert actions across the globe have led to destruction of countries and societies and unprecedented resentment toward the United States.”

    “For our own safety, end the CIA!” urged Paul, who served nearly three decades in Congress and thrice ran unsuccessfully for president before retiring early last year.

  20. It is rather difficult to hear the same updates and news again and again .......

    No game changer in the sight....,

    Only Chechnya having balls to say up openly what they feel and think of West cabal...

    1. Agree Vlastimil, and with August 1st right around the corner and that the beginning of traders and upper bankers summer holiday for the next six weeks, looks like its going to be another summer gone by, with winter knocking. That in itself lends to more of the cruelness of Mistress Lack for the many with so little in the coming winter season. If you have ever seen the fall season in trading, few get done as they seem to be looking for their next holiday season that starts mid November. The few that do get done are usually favors to friends or very, very affluent clients (whales).

      I had truly hoped the many through the Balkans would have had help already, not forgetting the many homeless here stateside and elsewhere, all in dire straits. One friend was able to move on finally finding work, but she was among how many millions who still are looking for work/something to just scramble by on?

      Will be spending much more time doing other things as it seems watching no longer serves a purpose. Have to get ready for winter.

    2. P
      Correct. PPs are moving, but no Public handouts are in sight. No Cavalry and no free lunches. Only good use of the PPs bring hope.
      The Welfare crack down coming will mean a hard winter for many. America needs to export people now. Time to move on for many. The party and the Gravy Train is over. Basle 111 will force their hands. No more Jungle Bunny dollar printing. Slash the Agencies right back. Huge cuts. Cut the 950 plus bases.
      Close down DHS.

  21. Iran FM calls for Muslim action against Israel



    I read some unconfirmed rumors that Kiev will run out of money to pay their mercenaries in four days.
    GREAT news, if in fact true!!

    Obummer just gave Israhell $2.8B for, get this, "sanction relief"!! Where is he pulling this kind of $$ from?


    Iran Says The End Of Israel Has Arrived As Obama Gives Them $2.8B In Sanction Relief


  22. INSANITY in Michigan!! ~darylluke.


    While Americans who can’t pay their bills in the bankrupt city of Detroit are having their water turned off, the state of Michigan decided to direct its minimal resources to crack-down on a few small food co-ops in the city of Standish for having the audacity to provide organic milk, free-range eggs, butter, cream, and other food to people who bought shares in their companies.

    The Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) forced Joe and Brenda Golimbieski, the owners of Hill High Dairy, and Jenny Samuelson, owner of My Family Co-op, to dump 248 perfectly good gallons of organic milk, break 100-dozen protein-filled, life sustaining free-range eggs, and an undisclosed amount of butter, fresh cream, and organic cheese.


  23. Seoul (AFP) - A top-ranking North Korean military official has threatened a nuclear strike on the White House and Pentagon after accusing Washington of raising military tensions on the Korean peninsula.



  24. Giant holes in Russia's Siberia.Unknown inconclusive origin. Wow! Wtf is going on up there? Some sort of clandestine mining operation with secret-technology? How could those holes be a "natural origin"?



    Mystery of the Siberian crater deepens: Scientists left baffled after two NEW holes appear in Russia's icy wilderness

    One of the craters is located in Siberia's Yamal Peninsula in the Taz district and has a diameter of 49ft (15 metres)
    The other was spotted on the Taymyr Peninsula in Kransoyark region and has a diameter of 13ft (four metres)
    They follow the discovery of a larger hole found in Yamal earlier this month at around 230ft (70 metres) in diameter
    Andrei Plekhanov from Scientific Research Center of the Arctic says crater was formed due to rising temperatures
    One theory is that a chunk of ice that is located underground created a hole in the ground when it melted
    Another is that the crater was formed by a mixture of water, salt and gas igniting an underground explosion

    By Will Stewart In Moscow and Ellie Zolfagharifard

    Published: 07:23 EST, 28 July 2014 | Updated: 09:31 EST, 28 July 2014


  25. This is really sad madness of EU clowns....Crimea was a movement of free will of people....

    BRUSSELS, July 28 (RIA Novosti) - The EU Council’s Committee of Permanent Representatives (Coreper) has agreed new economic sanctions on Crimea amid the ongoing Ukrainian crisis, an EU source told RIA Novosti on Monday.
    “Coreper agreed on further measures restricting trade with and investment in Crimea and Sevastopol, as requested by the European Council on July 16,” the source said.


    On the other hand......Russian must be just laughing .......

    Wait when they hit back.....

  26. http://rt.com/news/176120-fake-ukraine-images-defence/

    “It’s no secret to anyone that fakes like this are made by a group of US counselors staying in the Kiev building of the Security Council, led by General Randy Kee,” he noted.

    Russia’s Defense Ministry has stated that “fake” satellite images of alleged shelling of Ukraine from Russian territory were created by US counselors “with close links to Ukraine’s Security Council.”

  27. This is an interesting finding .... we wait for actual investigation of MH17


    Overhead Images Prove MH17 Crash is a Hoax .....

  28. There still seems confusion on the PPs. Some are spitting out Soothers.
    1. No one owes them a dime. They chose to gamble. GS are Sovereign positions and not even close right now.
    2. We advised clearly that the M1 status is bogus. Soother eruptions putting Vesuvius out of a role play now.
    3. Only PPs are active right now and IF, just that IF, any safe residual capacity is left after our clients safe and confidential exchange, both sites will be advised how to proceed quickly. We can not discuss client operations.
    The gentle standby hint is for a reason. Smart money, smart moves.

    1. Well this is exciting ...... evidently for top handlers much of adrenaline ..... thumbs up and blessings to all clients who found courage to enter deep waters.....

      Exciting ..... even if crumbs do not fall of the table.....this is millennium achievement .....

    2. John, thanks for recent updates. I agree with Vlastimil, much excitement for the Patriot clients involved in this. I'm happy for them and for those that will benefit from their full hands. Even if there is no crumbs from the table our satisfaction would see some Action and gear up in OWoN mission statement. That by itself would fulfill a lot of individual expectations, including mine.

      Thanks Friends

    3. I learned something today:

      noun = truth, reality, or fact. I suspect that John also uses it as a substitute for a baby pacifier.

  29. Please everyone, be sure to check here for updates on changes and site info to stay up to date:

    The Site Is Broken

    Any changes or up coming changes will be posted there in the POST , only questions will be answered in the comments.

  30. Thanks John and friends of OWoW. There is a base line of discontent that is part of the lives of those around me. Those who have misplaced their hope in religious institutions or secular governments are coming up empty handed. The only thing entitlement has created is generations of legalized slaves. Most are waiting for someone to turn on the lights. Someone needs to demonstrate there is an alternative available to the status quo. Once they see something tangible they will drop in to follow change. That is where I believe the infrastructure programs hold the greatest potential. Once the public sees, touches and holds something real in their hands they will come along beside those who are offering a sustainable future. Everyone sees it. Government isn't going to provide it. We will. It is in the ordinary people that I have the highest hope and aspirations.

    1. Ok. Canauzzie. Obviously I have figured out a way to post after three days of fiddeling with settings. Fire Fox still will not load the site on my computer nor will Chrome. Internet Explorer is working for some reason. I have set everything as low as possible.

    2. I didn't know you were using tin foil and a wire for internet connection. The landing page is resource heavy because I am forcing the image sizing by way of CSS.

      When the site changes over this should all go away as the new site's images do not have to be forced rendered.

      Two ways around it are :

      1) save the link in your address bar to this article, that way you bypass the "HOME" page all together.

      2) use the mobile version by using ?m=1 to the site address like this:


    3. It truly is a bit awkward to be setting in the front yeard with aluminum foil warapped deer horns on my head to connect to OWoN. The neighbors have been talking. All other blogs, are working fine. Just this one for some reason is a challenge. What will be most challenging is when deer season opens around here...........

    4. How do you think my wife, family and neighbors feel when they have only heard me curse and swear and not leave the computer for the last 3 days.... lol

    5. I'll bet if I had listened carfully, I could have heard you all the way down in Tennessee!!!!

    6. Neo, I totally agree with you friend. As soon there is Real Action and we lead many will follow. There is so much discouragement around, just looking at our surroundings we see people not willing to hear or even give a chance of believe there is change coming.

      Also want to post my comment directly to your excellent article. You place a lot of excellent question here and I thank you.

      Also don't you think religion went to far?. Universal Church used their members donations (and other "shadow finances" that I'm aware of) to build the 3rd Temple of Salomon in Sao Paulo, just opened. Half Billion spent on this project alone building a temple of bricks and stones, all blocks imported from Israel.

      How crazy is that? How clueless the sheeple are while they fleece the flock? Are the shepple so illusioned to believe fleece is an act of love or care?

      How much good and difference in people's life could such money be made in case spent correctly? How many children, elderly and sick would be re embraced into our society? How many schools, nursing homes and orphanages could be raised from the ground?

      These are the toughts of the so called "the choose ones", build, build and build. They are part of the problem, not the solution. Building churchs are definetely not the solution.

      Watch with me with sadness...



    7. I meant "The Chosen Ones".

    8. Lol, you got me cracking up Canauzzie. I 100% understand how frustrating technology can be. I'm testing Iron Port for my company and cannot get half of the https pages to render correctly, same policies throughout, been going thru manuals for 2 days.
      Makes me want to kick the server except I deployed a virtual server..lol

      I feel your pain😊

    9. Agree Brazil of Brics. The whole institutional church machinery is out of control on many fronts. We have to get a fresh start. I think that will happen when we start pouring concrete and moving dirt in support of new models. The high priests of the machine are going to rise up to oppose anything that shakes the foundations of the old system. I am convinced this will not be a bloodless coup. Our brightest spot is that some will stand with us. Pretty sure one of those will be God.

    10. Agree. They will be against anything that would challenge their pockets and illusionary power. "Hey you, confronting our way of believe and dealings means you are against God and you go to hell", they would say. Weapons of deceit huh?

      I don't even bother to loose any time on that front in contrasting them, neither government. I want to put my energy on the people, changing their reality and they will change the system they live in.

      What will happen to the churches when people stop the "obligated title", 10% which turned into a commandment? What will happen when they find out the local church has not impacted and altered their local community reality after so many decades.

      Certainly I won't spend a dime I earned in any temple of man.

  31. NaturalNews) The scary-looking clown named Ronald McDonald and his minions are going to court.

    Russia, which has already denounced genetically modified food earlier this year, is now taking McDonald's to court. A Moscow court recently announced that the fast food chain has violated Russia's nutrition and safety codes for many of its burger and ice cream products.

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/046191_McDonalds_Russia_food_safety.html#ixzz38sysZp95

  32. I am sorry canauzzie for the trouble.......

    You can give to your wife and children my warm greetings .... so that they have friends in Sweden......

    1. Thank you Vlastimil, but in the 5 stages I have reached acceptance now, so all good.

  33. Tuesday, July 29, 2014
    Sent: Monday, July 28, 2014 11:33 PM
    Subject: FWD: Monsanto Ordered

    Monsanto Ordered to Pay $93 Million to Small Town for Poisoning Citizens
    2014-07-28 23:44:50


    by Christina SarichJuly 25th, 2014Updated 07/25/2014 at 2:05 am Big wins can happen
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    (Read full article at: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2014/07/monsanto-ordered-to-pay-93-million-to.html)