Paedophile politicians must be brought to justice in the same way celebrity perverts were

The media is now awake and all searching at last to name all involved. It's a Pig Feast. Now they all live terrified of exposure.

  • Memory lapse: Former Home Secretary Leon Brittan

  • Sunday Mirror columnist Carole Malone says it is not good enough for powerful people in Westminster to cover up for their old cronies

By Carole Malone
5 July 2014

So let’s get this right. First, Tory peer Lord Brittan denied that MP Geoffrey Dickens ever gave him a dossier on a suspected paedophile ring at Westminster. Then he changed his mind and said he had – in 1983.

He said he didn’t know much about what was in it because he’d handed it to some Home Office bods and not heard anything more about it.

Only that wasn’t true either because he wrote to Geoffrey Dickens in 1984 saying the information had been passed to the appropriate authorities to be investigated. You keeping up?

How can a supposedly clever bloke be so hazy about something so momentous – a dossier Dickens said at the time could have brought down the Government and which no doubt contained the names of people Brittan knew. Yet he remembers nothing.

Nor does he know what, if anything, was done about the allegations in the dossier. Or even what happened to the dossier. Which means that, at best, Leon Brittan was a bloody useless Home Secretary – and at worst, an evil, manipulative one.

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