Possible Resignation: Merkel confidant expect voluntary resignation of the Chancellor

Will she stay, or will she go? Has poor Angela just had enough, of all the treacherous American stuff? Allies or All Lies?

If true, this is huge news.


A possible electoral defeat should not decide their future: Angela Merkel is determined according to SPIEGEL information, as the first German head of government since 1949, one day to depart voluntarily from office.

Spiegel Online
13 July 2014

Translated from German

Berlin - She wants to decide, even about their own disposal: According to several cabinet members and senior Union politicians Chancellor isAngela Merkel resolved, as the first German head of government since 1949 to separate voluntarily from office and not to wait for an election defeat or a party internal detachment. The reports Der Spiegel, citing party and government circles. (Read the full story here in the current Spiegel .)

"She really is very tempting," the magazine quoted a representative member of Merkel's government team. Currently Defense Minister For the case of a sudden upcoming successor Ursula von der Leyen given the best prospects. The fact that Merkel gave her the defense department, is considered as a clear indication to make Chancellor capable von der Leyen by the opportunity for foreign policy parole.

Whether the Chancellor an international office strives for a possible end of their term of office, in Merkel's environment is considered open.Possible items of the UN Secretary General and the EU Council president called. Both are end 2016/Anfang 2017 be filled. The long-serving MEP Elmar Brok told SPIEGEL: "In Brussels can imagine that Angela Merkel makes usable once as President-their experience and energy for Europe a lot, you would meet with broad approval.."

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