Questions over Labour peer's letters to care home boy

Irrespective of how hard he tries, or Doctors letters alleging mental impairment, the truth will be published and he will face the wrath of the public. Retribution for him will follow. Every one of these scumbags will be exposed. No rock will be left unturned.

A Labour MP signed letters 'with love' and arranged work experience at Westminster for a boy in care in the 1970s Photograph: Alamy

'I miss you,' Labour MP wrote to teenager who alleges he was abused in 1970s

The Guardian
By Jamie Doward
and Toby Helm
12 July 2014

Copies of old letters sent to a young boy in a care home by a Labour peer now at the centre of paedophile allegations reveal how the politician cultivated an extremely close relationship with the teenager over a two-year period.

The letters, which have been seen by the Observer, raise serious questions about the peer's motives. Several are signed with "love from" and show how the peer was assiduous in writing to the boy and arranging for them to meet, sometimes in a hotel. The boy, now a married man with children, has alleged that he was sexually abused by the peer.

The existence of the letters – if not their content – has been known about in many quarters for many years. Despite allegations about the peer, no action was taken and he was robustly defended by a number of politicians, including at least one prominent MP who has been openly critical of the government's response to allegations of historical child abuse by MPs and peers.

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