S. America pivots from West towards BRICS

Are only complete Morons let to rule who can not see the whole Empire deserting with their feet?

One World of Nations
17 July 2014

Note that 11 South American country Presidents are in attendance and couple that with Russia reactivating their Lourdes spy location in Cuba and one sees a picture of a continent that has left the western sphere of influence. We will see naval ports visited by Chinese and Russian ships.

It is only a function of time before all 11 countries will have swap lines with China in Yuan to settle trade.

Once these countries can activate borrowing from the BRICs bank and substitute the need for the World Bank and the IMF, it will be piss off time for the west. They have long suffered abuses at the hand of western financiers and plunders and paid the price. So to be able to find an alternative will be welcomed by them and embraced.
One might ponder what the west will do when they chose to accept Yuan as payment and not dollars for their goods.

For a country today not to think a global exporter is sheer folly, as today's customers may not be tomorrow's.

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