The ECM Battle in the Sky Above Poland, Russia and the Ukraine That Saved Putin's Life but Downed MH17

OWoN: Be assured, Putin and is team are watching this with growing anger and total distrust.

As bizarre as this story seems, there are several points that are more than believable as the capabilities mentioned are real.

And if this is remotely true, payback will be a bitch!

I do not know the site or writer but I must say he has thought through one real possibility. And more than one site says a F15 was involved. Certainly the lack of ground to air missile evidence is intriguing.

By Lord Sterling
18 July 2014

When I learned that Vladamir Putin was going to travel to South America for the last game of the World Cup and for the Brics Conference, I was concerned that he might be attacked. Now when the US President travels, he flies on one of two identical Boeing 747-200B USAF Presidential State Aircraft. The one that he is riding in is officially designated as Air Force One, the other is carrying staff and reporters, etc., but is also acting as a decoy aircraft making the task of shooting down the correct Boeing 747 more difficult. The planes have constant fighter coverage with AWACS and refueling tankers. In areas over the ocean the US Navy has been known to re-task supercarrier task forces to provide USN fighter coverage when necessary.

Now Russia remains a nuclear superpower, but it no longer is the overall superpower that the old Soviet Union was with its Warsaw Pack allies. There is no Warsaw Pack now, and many of these nations are members of NATO. The USSR is broken up and long gone. So Russia cannot provide the level of protection to its Presidential State Aircraft, a IL-96-300PU, that the American President has. Still, the Russians do take special efforts to keep their Head of State safe.

Considering the level of pre-WWIII events currently happening in the Ukraine and the Middle East, and the growing irritation that Globalists and Zionist forces have had with Putin and his Russia, the security experts charged with protecting Putin were no doubt very concerned about his long overseas visit.

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