The ‘Establishment’ Makes Amends but where the ‘Establishment’ does not change its spots when it comes to its own

The issue of cover up and depravity goes much deeper. Is the sheer and shock horror of atrocities carried out by a complicit State too appalling to expose? They died terrible deaths. Mans gross inhumanity again. As seen again with ISIS and Muslim extremists.

In this respect what has Alan Turing, Winston Churchill and the 19th Lord Sempill in common?

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By David Hill
28 December 2013

It appears little as although Churchill knew Turing was someone who had saved literally hundreds of thousands of lives if not even more by bringing WW2 to an early conclusion, he did not help Turing to save his reputation and ultimately his life.

That is unlike the 19th Lord Sempill who was a known Japanese spy and traitor by Churchill for the Japanese military during the same world war. Indeed the first ‘serious’ suspicions came about for Sempill when the day after Churchill had a secret inner meeting, the Japanese Embassy in London notified Tokyo in great detail of the meeting. For only someone who had been at the meeting would have known such sensitive details. Ironically it was Bletchley Park where Turing worked that intercepted and deciphered the message.

Baroness Trumpington who worked with Turing at Bletchley Park - praised her former colleague, saying we could have lost the war had it not been for his work.

Historians credit the work of Turing and his fellow codebreakers at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire with shortening the war by up to two years, saving countless lives.

Turing is also widely seen as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence.
But in 1952 he was convicted for homosexual activity, which was illegal at the time. To avoid prison, Turing agreed to ‘chemical castration’ – hormonal treatment designed to reduce libido. In 1954, aged 41, he died of cyanide poisoning.

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