The future of warfare: self-healing aircraft and 'transformer' plane that can split into three jets mid-air

The future is here today.

Futuristic technologies that include 3D printers so advanced that they can print smaller drones during an airborne mission could be in use by 2040, according to BAE Systems

The Telegraph
By Raziye Akkoc
6 July 2014

Warfare is set to get more advanced with 3D-printed drones, self-healing aircraft and a 'Transformer’ aircraft that can split apart, which could be in use within 30 years.

Scientists and engineers from defence giant BAE Systems believe the technology could be in use among military and civil aircraft by 2040 or even earlier.

They unveiled four futuristic technologies which could revolutionise warfare including 3D printers so advanced they could print smaller drones during a mission. The drones could be used to rescue single civilians or soldiers from dangerous situations.

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