US-bound airlines to screen smartphones, laptops amid new Al-Qaeda terror threat

Thank you America. Because of worldwide US State Terrorism, we now have 3 hour check in delays with new snooping. You have F up the world , F up the economy, so why don't you all F off back to Homer Simpson Land and leave the world in peace?

One would think that a government might have the common sense not to fund people who then go and attack them.

Reuters/Phil Noble

4 July 2014

Airlines that fly direct to the US will be forced to step up checks on mobile phones and shoes in light of threats of an Al-Qaeda bomb attack. US officials say terrorists have found a way to conceal incendiary devices inside phones to avoid detection.

Passengers on flights from Europe, the Middle East and Africa bound for the US will be subjected to extra security checks, US officials have told Reuters. The US government warned earlier this week of an Al-Qaeda effort to create an undetectable bomb that could be smuggled through airport security.

According to US intelligence sources, the undetectable devices are most likely to be hidden in smartphones, including Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. The bombs could also be surgically implanted into an insurgent’s body or be embedded in clothes fibers.

Officials say that bomb makers from an Al-Qaeda affiliate group in Yemen are collaborating with the Syrian al-Nusra Front to develop a device that foils security. Airlines that do not step up their security measures could face bans on their flights entering the United States.

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