Is the US or the World Coming to an End? | it will be one or the other

Off with the Rose Tinted glasses. The wake up call is coming. So many nations are sick to the teeth of being bullied, lied to and having their assets and gold stolen by this War Mongering Locust Swarm of a nation, which has contaminated and despoiled all it has touched.

Putin called out the US over Syria. Putin told them to shove it over Crimea. China has warned them over China Seas meddling.

The world is not Hollywood with fantasy good guys. It's a real Despotic Zoo with most of the Drug Running, Sex Trafficking, Money Laundering, Criminal Cabal games and corrupt State contracting. Agency crime games and Global insurrection coming via the US.

The over aggressive Blackmailing with the Petro dollar has just hit the buffers. China, Russia, the BRICS nations and EU have all pulled the Petro Dollar now. For the US that is a cyanide pill to swallow. Import costs will race away now. Food prices will sky rocket.

Unless these DIRTY VARMINTS in Congress will back up the need for the Ethics Committee to have this scum arrested, America will fail.

Unless the PPs are released right now, the States has weeks, or months, then God help you all. All this SHITE is on YOUR Watch.

Institute for Political Economy
By Paul Craig Roberts
9 April 2014

2014 is shaping up as a year of reckoning for the United States.

Two pressures are building on the US dollar. One pressure comes from the Federal Reserve’s declining ability to rig the price of gold as Western gold supplies shrivel and market knowledge of the Fed’s illegal price rigging spreads. The evidence of massive amounts of naked shorts being dumped into the paper gold futures market at times of day when trading is thin is unequivocal. It has become obvious that the price of gold is being rigged in the futures market in order to protect the dollar’s value from QE.

The other pressure arises from the Obama regime’s foolish threats of sanctions on Russia. Other countries are no longer willing to tolerate Washington’s abuse of the world dollar standard. Washington uses the dollar-based international payments system to inflict damage on the economies of countries that resist Washington’s political hegemony.

Russia and China have had enough. As I have reported and as Peter Koenig reports here Russia and China are disconnecting their international trade from the dollar. Henceforth, Russia will conduct its trade, including the sale of oil and natural gas to Europe, in rubles and in the currencies of its BRICS partners.

This means a big drop in the demand for US dollars and a corresponding drop in the dollar’s exchange value.

As John Williams ( has made clear, the US economy has not recovered from the downturn in 2008 and has weakened further. The vast majority of the US population is hard pressed from the lack of income growth for years. As the US is now an import-dependent economy, a drop in the dollar’s value will raise US prices and push living standards lower.

All evidence points to US economic failure in 2014, and that is the conclusion of John Williams’ April 9 report.

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First-Person-View Of Felix Baumgartner's Space Jump

Its good for all of Mankind to share this space fall together. 8 mins fascinating hoping the guys chute works.

Certainly raises the heart rate.

America Demands ‘Administrative Revisions’

The status of America's decline is so alarming that if nothing is done, a complete collapse will follow. Nothing, repeat, NOTHING about this Government or Presidency is fit for purpose. The people deserve better, a damn site better.

Operation American Spring
Effective April 8, 2014

Members of both houses of Congress began receiving copies of documents demanding the resignations of six, top government officials, including Articles of Impeachment against President Obama, for violating their oath of office, and/or by committing high crimes against the state, and requiring Congress to enforce the demands, or be held accountable.

This bold move is only the second time in our nation’s rich history such a demand has been made to relieve our oppressed and abused people from an egalitarian, corrupt, and unresponsive regime.

As polls and water cooler conversations continue to reflect America’s resistance growing stronger against administration policies and actions in flagrant violation of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights, it is clear something must change. We have only two options: surrender to totalitarian rule by Marxist ideologues, or enforce our American ideals and principles.

So who has the boldness to make such declarations? None other than the American People; Citizens, constituents, just us ‘folks’, demanding to be heard. Standing up as our spokesman is retired Army Colonel Harry Riley, who feels compelled to act by the pervasive litany of illegal legislative and administrative actions, compounded by the Administration’s rebuff last October of WWII veterans just trying to pay their respects to their fallen comrades at an open-air memorial (paid for by their blood and treasure) in their nation’s capital.

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” 
 – Declaration of Independence

Operation American Spring (OAS – is modelled after Arab Spring, Ukrainian Spring, and other successful, popular, and massive demonstrations against oppressive bureaucracies. The one distinguishing characteristic of OAS over other regime-altering events is our Founding Documents: the Declaration of Independence—which clarifies such a change in government as our duty; and the Constitution—which not only allows such change, but provides the process by which the change may take place in a peaceful and civil manner.

Although OAS has set the bar high, 10 to 20 million Americans committed to reform our government under Constitutional constraints, there are indications they may well reach, perhaps, even exceed their goals. Another key factor that differentiates OAS from previous attempts to reach the deaf ears of our Administration is that OAS leaders are committed to stay in DC until their demands are met. And in the face of those who claim that even if those numbers are achieved, there is no way our corrupt leadership will comply with the People’s demands—one only has to witness the Arab and Ukrainian movements—where they turned out their corrupt and incompetent usurpers without the benefit of Constitutional validation.

Which brings us to one point no one can deny: The People outnumber their administrators, and regardless how much control the ones at the top seize, they always fall—always have, always will. It only matters how much pain they are willing to inflict on the People, and how much pain our ‘leaders’ are willing to bear themselves, before they collapse.

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Humor | Dolly speaks about blonde jokes

Tribute to an Icon.

One of America's best ever exports.

US Bombs Island Non-Stop 20 Hours, Hides MH370 Passengers

It gets ever messier. What is the truth here?

Before It's News
By Deborah Dupree
9 April 2014

Hawaii has been bombed non-stop for 20 hours by two B-2 “Batwing” Stealth Bombers and two B-52 Stratofortress bombers in a low-flying Global Strike mission and experts have warned to expect more in a new Cold War era. This era, including United States’ and allies’ endless budgets for weapon testing and black budgets for disappearing humans into black sites, has reached a new level over the past four weeks.

As the Pentagon refuses to reveal whereabouts of 239 passengers, who boarded a Malaysia Airlines Boeing on March 7, the US war machine also flexed its muscles in Hawaii. It flew two B-2 “Batwing” Stealth Bombers and two B-52 Stratofortress bombers out of Louisiana and Missouri to bomb the 133,000-acre Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) in the middle of Hawaii Islandearl last week.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Saturday that the war planes dropped 14 inert practice bombs: eight 500 pound BDU-50s by the B-52s and six 2,000 pound BDU-56s by the B-2s.

“But not a word in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald and West Hawaii Today, the 2 daily newspapers on the island bombed,” reported Jim Albertini for the Malu `Aina Center for Non-violent Education and Action, then asking, “How come? It’s not every day bombers fly 20 hour round-trips and spend nearly a million dollars in fuel to bomb PTA.”

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The New Industrialization of America

Not content with having trashed a vibrant economy built by the American people over a century, and Stolen Trillions between the Banks, Fed and Cabal, these Clowns stand by neutered while China buys up vast swathes of American factories ready for the mass employment of the new Coolies as Slave Labor - YOU. Welcome to America.

By JC Collins
9 April 2014

The realization is finally beginning to dawn on many that the dollar may not have much time left as the world’s primary reserve currency. The G20 deadline for the US to pass the IMF 2010 Reforms is quickly approaching as both NATO and Russia exchange equal threats over the Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry is warning that Russia could invade the eastern region of the country at any time. Pro-Russian protestors are taking control of government buildings and the world watches as one major component of the problem/reaction/solution process unfolds before our eyes.

When it comes to the IMF Governance and Quota Reforms, the United States is the odd man out. With even Britain now calling on America to pass the reforms, the world can only shrug at the wanton and contrived, and most likely scripted, reluctance of Congress to pass supporting legislation to the reforms.

The average American, for his or her part, is completely ignorant of what is taking place. If they do happen to hear about the approaching economic shift, it is through the fear mongering of doomsday dollar deadheads. The world will not end when the dollar is devalued. It will not be the end of civilization as we know it. The sun will come up the day after and the world of commerce will go on.

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Gazprom looks to drop the dollar to avoid sanctions’ bite

Another complete Presidential screw up. O Bumma threatens to withdraw Dollars from Russia.

Putin switches all Gas, Gold, Oil and other contracts to Euros. An already friendless Dollar gets crucified and Putin chokes laughing.

Totally clueless. Muppets!

Now, this dagger to the heart of the USA dollar. Can you imagine the corks popping in France to be rid of the USD in trade settlement? De Gaulle must be laughing in his grave. Imagine what happens if Euro settlement goes for commodities from Russia as well.

Financial Times
By Jack Farchy
7 April 2014

The oil arm of Russia’s state-owned Gazprom is preparing customers to settle contracts in euros rather than dollars as it braces for the possible escalation of US sanctions against Moscow.

Alexander Dyukov, chief executive of Gazprom Neft, told reporters in St Petersburg that the company had discussed shifting contracts to euros with its customers. “Practically all – 95 per cent of our customers – confirmed their willingness to move to settlement in euros,” he said.

The discussions reflect the growing fear among larger Russian companies that they could soon come into the cross-hairs of US and European sanctions that have so far targeted wealthy individuals and a single mid-sized bank – Bank Rossiya.

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