Man jailed for eating baby in Pakistan

We let them in and this is waiting if not controlled. This is a repeat offender. Time to set him loose on the Cabal, salt supplied.

image: AFP

  • Head of newborn baby found at home three years after he was jailed for the same offence

Gulf News
via AFP
14 April 2014

Lahore: A Pakistani man was arrested Monday on suspicion of cannibalism when the head of a newborn baby was found at his home — three years after he was jailed for the same offence.

Police raided the house in a remote village in Punjab province after neighbours complained of a foul smell and found the head of the two-day-old baby inside.

Householder Mohammad Arif admitted eating the child after his brother stole the body from a graveyard in Darya Khan village, around 300 kilometres (180 miles) south of Islamabad, officers said.

Arif and his brother Farman Ali were arrested for eating human corpses in the same village in April 2011 and served two years in prison, in a case that shocked Pakistan.

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After success on Iran, U.S. Treasury's sanctions team faces new challenges

"I am not sure we're ready for a world where the Russian Federation and People's Republic of China start having their own lists where they're sanctioning people," the former official said. 
Read that as US confusion that the FREE WORLD outside of Neo Nazi Cabal HQ is taking its own role on Sovereign issues now.

A new reality in conducting global business.

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Director Adam Szubin and his staff (not pictured) meet at the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington March 26, 2014.

By Anna Yukhananov
and Warren Strobel
14 April 2014

This is what the modern American war room looks like: the clocks on the wall show the times in Kabul, Tehran and Bogota. The faces around the conference table are mostly young. There is talk of targets, and of middle-of-the-night calls to Europe.

But the meeting one recent morning convened deep within the Treasury Department, not the Pentagon. The weapons at hand were not drones or cruise missiles, but financial sanctions, aimed with similar precision at U.S. rivals' economic interests.

Before discussing possible next steps against Russia over its annexation of Crimea, Adam Szubin, the slim, boyish-looking director of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), thanked his team for putting in a string of sleepless nights to devise sanctions against senior Russian officials and associates of President Vladimir Putin.

The measures, rolled out in three executive orders signed by President Barack Obama in March, included blocking the Russians and Bank Rossiya, Russia's 17th-largest bank, from access to the U.S. financial system and freezing their U.S. assets.

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This Chart Shows Us How Bad The Economy Really Is: “Flashing Red Warning”

Truth in plain sight is not good reading.

Yes, it is all right. Sure, nothing has been fixed since 2008, it has all been nonsense.

By Mac Slavo
14 April 2014

Recent weeks have led to a fairly significant drop in stock valuations, with many expert analysts struggling to figure out exactly why it’s happening. You’ll hear them cite the weather, or market overreaction, or any number of reasons for why stocks have seen their share prices reduced and why they’ll be rebounding in the near-term.

What they won’t show you on mainstream financial channels is what’s really happening behind the scenes.

Forget about all the minute-by-minute noise for a moment and take a look at the following chart. It gives a very simple overview of earnings growth trends for stocks listed on the S&P 500 on a quarterly basis.

Last year saw what analysts would call fairly robust growth, and they had no problem citing these numbers for evidence of economic recovery.

We’re curious what they’d call it now, considering this chart shows a massive collapse in earnings per share growth across the board.

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Putin to Obama: Use your influence to prevent bloodshed in Ukraine

Putin is in total control of events in Europe. Does Obama even control his own Bladder?

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (AFP Photo / Alexey Nikolsky)

14 April 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged his American counterpart on Monday to use the White House’s influence on the Ukrainian government to prevent further “bloodshed” from occurring in the country.

United States President Barack Obama placed a phone call to Mr. Putin on Monday afternoon (EST) to discuss the ongoing and increasingly tense situation in eastern Ukraine amid growing concerns surrounding the country’s future stability following the recent ousting of Pres. Viktor Yanukovych earlier this year, and the turmoil that has gripped the region ever since.

According to a statement released after the phone conversation by the Kremlin, Putin dismissed recent reports that peg Russia as being responsible for heated protests that have erupted in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian activists have successfully managed to seize a number of local government buildings and police stations.

"In response to the president of the United States' expressed concern about Russia's supposed meddling in southeastern Ukraine, the president of Russia noted that such speculations are based on inaccurate information," the press statement read.

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Humor | C'est le difference!

This happened to an Englishman in France who was totally drunk.

The French policeman stops his car and asks the gentleman if he has been drinking.

With great difficulty, the Englishman admits that he has been drinking all day, that his daughter got married in the morning to a French man, and that he drank champagne and a few bottles of wine at the reception and quite a few glasses of single malt thereafter.

Quite upset, the policeman proceeds to alcotest (breath test) him and asks the Englishman if he knows under French Law why he has just been arrested.

The Englishman answers with humor: “No! Do you know that this is a British car, and that my wife is the driver... on the other side???”

How George Soros Attacked Cliven Bundy – And Lost

This is how the power of the American people, once united, can overturn dirtbags like Soros and the Cabal.

The Ulsterman Report
14 April 2014

Yes, George Soros had a hand in the Bundy vs FEDS dispute that has thankfully, resulted in federal officials backing off of its demands upon the Bundy family ranch, including halting a round up of Cliven Bundy’s cattle. This was not simply a stand off between over-reaching Big Government entities though, but rather a concerted effort by progressive forces to stamp out the kind of resistance figures like Cliven Bundy represent, be they a rancher, farmer, pro-liberty militia, safe borders advocate, small business owner, or alternative media figure.

Here is a small blurb that likely went unnoticed by most, from a recent Las Vegas Review Journal report on the Bundy vs FEDS conflict:

Bundy ranch dispute with federal land agency draws variety of foot soldiers

Cliven Bundy’s fight with the Bureau of Land Management over the federal agency’s roundup of his cattle attracted a diverse group of foot soldiers: fellow ranchers, Las Vegans and militia and patriot groups were among them.

Their battle cry is the U.S. Constitution and liberty. They fear the federal government overstepping its bounds at every turn. This concern, in their view, applies to those from all walks of life, be it a rural Southern Nevada rancher or a militia member from northern Montana.

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